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The queen

You've already left me once
and today your flying away again.
Now I don't intend to stop you,
but don't ever come back.
You're very sure of yourself,
you prefer to play with me.
Don't forget that the brave lives
as long as the coward wishes
and already I've got tired of pleading.
You'll be the king
who conquers all
but I know you've forgotten that I'm the queen.
And as long as the queen doesn't die
the king stays outside,
you didn't want the throne yet,
you would rather drift round and round.
Don't say that no-one understands you,
that you, my love, don't give a toss,
you said the same to me,
that now your fate would carry on.
Thank you, never come back, never,
because now I'm not the same,
you can stay out there,
you will be the king.
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La reina

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