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Laree Choote

woh kehte hai na
jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai
galat kehte hai
kismat ka khel hai saara
phirta tha main aawaara
yeh kya se kya ho gaya
chaar din ki zindagaani
har pal ek nayi kahaani
kya tha, main kya bana gaya
kya huva jo laaree chhooti
jivan ki gaadi looti
kwaab hai toh mujhko na jaga
zindagi ek pal mein saali
yuun palat gayi hamaari
zhoot hai toh mujhko na bata
mumbai, suna tha yahaan aadami puri zindagi apani kismat
slow track se fast track laane mein nikaal deta hai
par dhaayi ghante mein meri kismat
aise slow track se fast track par aa jaayegi
yeh maine kabhi socha nahi tha
saja maja ban jaayegi, yeh bhi kabhi socha nahi tha
last local kya chhuti, saala kismat patari par aa gayi
karlo jo bhi karna hai
hota hai jo hona hai
gujra toh pal yeh phir na aayega
kya bura hai kya bhala hai
waqt hi shaayad khuda hai
ho jaane do phir dekha jaayega
sahi kehte hai
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lost my love

you know, they say
everything happens for a (good) reason
It is (they say) wrong
it is all a game of luck
i used to roam around aimlessly
what became of what should have become(what became of what)
life is of four days
every second, a new story
I used to be something (what) I became something else(what)
(I dont know what made me lose my love)what had happened that I lost love
my life was robbed of its joys ( my train of life was robbed)
if the joys are a dream, dont wake me ( if it is a dream don't wake me)
my life, in just a second, bloody^
changed(turned) in such a way !
if it is a lie then dont correct me
Mumbai^^,they say people spend their whole life
trying to bring their luck from slow to fast
but in just two and half hours
my luck will advance(go from slow to quick)
I had never thought so
punishment bacame fun , never thought that too !
as soon as the last local left, life was bloody back on track
^^^do whatever you gotta do
what happens is what is meant to happen^^^
the moments that have passed, will not return
what is good? what is bad?
maybe time itself is god
let it happen, take care of it later
they say it right
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Comentários do autor:

the words in bracket are the exact translation. the rest of the sentence/phrase is what it means.
^saali originally means the brother/sister (saala/saali) of one's wife
but bloody is used in the same way in english
^^is a city in india.
^^^ means your actions will not make a difference to what is supposed to happen. like the lyrics of the song in the end - I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter.
PS : my english is not as bad as it seems. ;P. I just wanted to make it as correct as possible. I hope i have helped. I know it is confusing but this is about as accurate as it can be.

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