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The adventure

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When there isn't compassion
or even a gesture of help,
what do we think of life
and of those who we love?
Who thinks for himself is free
And, being free is such a serious thing
You can't close your eyes
You can't look back
Without learning something for the future
I ran to my hideout
I looked out of the window
The sun is only one
But, who knows, there are two mornings
You don't need to come over
If you won't stay
for at least one night
And three weeks
Nothing is easy
Nothing is for sure
Let's not make of love
something dishonest.
I want to be prudent
And always be correct
I want to be constant
And always try to be sincere
And, we want to run away
But we always don't know how.
Your eyes
don't tell stories anymore,
don't bear neither fruits nor flowers.
And, the sky is not that beautiful and silver anymore
And, what I used to be before, I am not anymore
And, I have nothing to remember
The saddest thing is wishing well
someone who doesn't know how to forgive (you/someone).
I think I'll always love her
But, I just don't want her anymore.
It's not a wish, it's not longing.
Sincerely, it's not even truth.
I know the reason why you ran away
But, I can't understand it
I know the reason why you ran away
But, I can't understand it
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crimson_anticscrimson_antics    Quinta-feira, 21/03/2013 - 15:53

Thanks Teeth smile

L'avventura is Italian for 'the adventure' Regular smile

dowlenon1dowlenon1    Quinta-feira, 21/03/2013 - 15:58

You're welcome Regular smile

And yes, I supposed it Wink smile

BrujitaBrujita    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 07:47

Bom dia querido, eu tenho "some suggestions" xD

---and I always try to...
---And who knows, mabye there are 2 mornings
---At least for one night
---Ran away è como fugir, correr...nesto caso eu acho q "went away" è mais correto.
Eu sei q lhe è to her , to him"... I will always love her"
---The most sad thing is loving someone who...


P.S. Gooostei do jogooo *----*

dowlenon1dowlenon1    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 11:16


Good morning Teeth smile Thank you for your remarks, I changed a few parts and would like to comment on others:

- and I always try to: it is optional to write 'I', since there is already the pronoun at the beginning. Look: 'I want to be constant and always try to be sincere', as you see it is ok.

- and who knows, maybe there 2 mornings: in the original lyrics it is 'mas' = 'but', there isn't 'maybe', so I prefered to go on with the literal translation.

- There is quite a good difference between Go away and Run away. Go away is when you are just leaving, and run away is when you are fleeing. The sense in the song is 'fugir' (flee/run away), it doesn't mean the singer just intends to leave, but flee instead (although he doesn't know how).

- The most sad thing is loving someone who - I've changed it a little bit, and it does make sense now.

P.S: eu não gostei do resultado do jogo, achei que o Brasil vacilou demais! x_x

BrujitaBrujita    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 14:02

Sim, agora è perfeita!

P.S. Eu gostei do Neymar demais xD ele è muiiito veloz!
O gol do Balo foi maravilhoso *-*
mas eu acho q o Brasil tem q melhorar pra o Mundial!!
P.P.S. Lenon, o 22/06 na Bahia ha um outro jogo Bra-Ita...Tira Foto, garoto, tiraaa *-*

dowlenon1dowlenon1    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 15:15

Com certeza terá! E sim, eu ouvi dizer que haverá um jogo a 30km daqui de onde eu moro, mas eu acho que todos os ingressos já foram vendidos. Me contentarei em assisti-lo pela televisão Teeth smile

Vimto12Vimto12    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 15:03

suggestions Regular smile

verse 2, line 1: who thinks for himself

verse 3, line 2: I looked out of the window

verse 4, line 3: for at least one night

verse 5, line 2: you could also have 'certain'
line 4: something dishonest

verse 8, line 3: 'germinate' sounds a bit too technical to my ears, maybe 'don't bear neither fruits nor flowers?

dowlenon1dowlenon1    Sábado, 23/03/2013 - 15:14

Thank you Regular smile Corrections have been done.

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