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Like the rose, shining in beauty,1
blooming in the morning sun,
steadily growing up towards the light -
never doubting its being.
You may grow, bloom, flourish like that,
the strength runs dry too early,
until, aware of the empty illusion,2
you lie on your deathbed one day.
Live! Live!
Before your longing3 dies,
before by the breath of the timeless one4
strength and flow run dry.
Give! Give,
all of your life force,
to the dreams of your heart,
to the vision of your free spirit.
Like the cattle, thinking itself
safe in the familiar herd,
never walking alone any part of the way,
the sight permanently fixed on the earth.
You may, timid and bent, creep
along your ways like that,
too far removed from lightness
to see true happiness.
Like the bright sun,5
nourishing all life,
following its own path
bestowing us with its strength.
Follow your course
to the dark and to the light
until, in love and trust,
your flame6 of life goes out.
  • 1. lit. "shining beautiful"
  • 2. lit. "hollow shine"
  • 3. could also be translated as "passion"
  • 4. i.e. death
  • 5. or "As bright as the sun"; the following lines all refer to the sun
  • 6. lit. "light"
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