Anna Tatangelo - Lei che ne sa ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

What Can She Know

Here we are
Licking our wounds
What's the use
Of an armistice or another fight?
Okay, let's call it quits
Can you end this now?
Let's let it go
All the photographs will stay
In a box
Each of them is a chapter
In the book of our story
A memorial to our memory
You're pathetic
You're ridiculous
So fake when you act
Like you're tactful
It's a trap
I won't fall into it
You're not alone since a long time ago
I know it, you see
What will she give you?
I gave you my twenty years
Sooner or later you'll get tired of her
You were never tired of me
Can you tell me what can she know
About how much we loved each other?
What can she know about those two lovers ?
Now how come
You want to caress me?
How far
Are you willing to go?
The thing you want from me
Do you think I'm that stupid?
You're devilish
You're in my soul
In my eyes, in my veins
In all the tears
And an excuse
Won't be enough, you're wrong
You can't untie the bonds
With blackmails and tricks
What will she say to you
When you'll get tired?
Passion is a bottle
That drains sooner or later
What can she know about your skin?
What can she know about your mouth?
What can she know about the sighs, what about your kisses?
And can you tell me what can she know
What can she know about our love?
Your woman is here dying
And what are you doing?
You're leaving silently
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Lei che ne sa

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