Lo aprendí de ti ( Tradução para Inglês)

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I learned it from you

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I met you on an April's day, a common day
the day I least expected it
I didn't think about love, nor believe in it
and much less looked for it.
And suddenly, you showed up,
tearing apart walls and ideas you became my light
I didn't know that only with a kiss
you could stop time and I learned it from you
Nor that with only a look
you will own every space inside me
Also I didn't know that I could love you so much
until devote myself and be a prisoner of your lips
I discovered I could
Because I learned it from you
Suddenly something happened and passion was missing
our nights were too long
I never thought to feel lonely, cold and stupid
even being accompanied.
Later everything became a routine,
and then so many lies that not even you believed
I didn't know that without your kisses
time would pass so slowly and I learned it from you
And that repressing to call you
would take all the strenght I have in me
Neither I didn't know I could miss you so much,
nor fall apart and to have my lips dried up
I discovered I could.
Because I learned it from you.
And now that I've finally managed to forget you,
today you come to look for me.
But it's too late already,
I've fallen in love with someone else.
I didn't know that with his kisses
I was going to replace yours I learned it from you.
Nor that other hands existed that by touching me
would surpass what I felt before.
I also didn't know I could love him so much
after your deception that hurt me so much,
finding out I could...
...and I learned it all from you
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Lo aprendí de ti

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