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I learned it from you

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I learned it from you
I met you on an April's day, a common day
the day I least expected it
I didn't think about love, nor believe in it
and much less looked for it.
And suddenly, you showed up
tearing apart walls and ideas you became my light
I didn't know that only with a kiss
you could stop time and I learned it from you
Nor that with only a look
you will own every space inside me
Also I didn't know that I could love you so much
until devote myself and be a prisoner of your lips
I discovered I could
because I learned it from you
Suddenly something happened and passion was missing
our nights were too long
I never thought about feeling lonely, cold and stupid
even being accompanied
Later everything became a routine
and then all the lies that not even you believed
I didn't know that without your kisses
time would pass so slowly and I learned it from you
And that repress to call you
would take all the strenght I have in me
Neither I didn't know I could miss you so much
nor fall apart and to have my lips drown up
I discovered I could
because I learned it from you
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Lo aprendí de ti

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