Lo aprendí de ti ( Tradução para Inglês)

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I learned it from you

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I met you on a day in April, a common day,
the day I least expected
I didn't think in love, I didn't believe it
and much less looked for it
And suddenly, you appeared
Destroying walls and ideas, you turned my light
I didn't know that a kiss
could stop time I learned from you
Neither that only with one look could dominate
every space inside me
Neither I knew that I could love you so much
to surrender and fall prey of your lips
And I found out it could, and I learned it from you
Suddenly something happened that the passion was missing
our night were long
I never thought I could feel lonely, cold and fool
even when I was accompanied
Then it all became monotony
Then, so many lies that you didn't even believe them anymore
I didn't know that without your kisses
the time would pass so slow and I learned from you
And that stop my self from calling you would
take all the strength that is inside me
And also I didn't know that I could miss you that much
till I broke down and my lips got all dried up
And I found out it could, and I learned it from you
And now that I've finally got you to forget
You came to pick me up today
But it's too late now
I've fallen in love with someone else
I didn't know that with his kisses
I would replace yours, I learned from you
Neither that other hands
would exist and made me forget what i felt before
Neither I knew that I could love him so much
after your decepcion that hurt me so much
I found out yes and
I learned everything from you
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Lo aprendí de ti

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