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My voices are air, they fly,
my moons are suns, they lie,
my days are dirt, they weigh,
my eyes are water, fountains.
Oh, how my wings weigh me down,
oh, how I want to kiss the air,
my feathers are tired,
make my heart dance.
Oh, crazy, crazy, little crazy, crazy,
that's how my mouth is,
even if it kisses with its fruits,
of words it is wrong.
Solitude in company,
verses that become kisses,
take care of my soul
without disguising de quietness.
I want, i want my infinite doubt,
oh so much, oh so much red wine and seeing you.
Oh mother, oh mother,
my course is to see you.
Let me live my life,
land, sea, and green pines.
Oh, crazy, little crazy one, crazy.
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