Mary Stuart - For him also I powred out many tearis


For him also I powred out many tearis

For him also I powred out many tearis,
First quhen he made himselfe possessor of thys body.
Of the quhilk then he had nat the hart.
Efter he did give me one vther hard charge,
Quhen he bled of his blud great quantitie,
Through the great sorow of the quhilk came to mee that dolour,
That almost caryit away my life, and the feire
To lese the onely strength that armit me.
For him also I poured out many tears
First when he made himself possessor of this body.
Of which then he had not the heart.
After he gave me one other hard charge,
When he bled great quantities of blood,
Through which great sorrow brought further sadness to me
That almost carried away my life, and the fear
Of losing the only strength that armed me.
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