Ajattara - Massat ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


For you are born, you die and dissolve
It's not grief that accompanies you to the grave
The thought that it wasn't you after all, saves you from the high wires of pity
And it beats to the ground
In this evil world
In flesh and filth
In acid, in the dying
In the world and in the ashes of the apocalypse
Flayed by misery
Cursed by vipers
In the withering glory
In the evil flesh of the lowest
In dying flesh
In acid filth
and in the burning ashes of it's
I'm not giving up an inch without a fight
The spirits of the soul will always win here
Brutal mind is looking for it's prey
Until it is killed by the connection to it's carrier
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