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Meaning of life (Inglês) — Meaning of life has the same meaning with "Өмірдің мәні".

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Traduções de "Meaning of life"

AzeriÖmrünün mənasi
AzeriHəyatın mənası
CazaqueӨмірдің мәні
Dinamarquêsmeningen med livet
EslovacoZmysel života
Francêsraison d'être
GregoΤο νόημα της ζωής
Alemão, Grego #1, #2, Inglês
Italianolo scopo della vita
ItalianoRagion d'essere
RomenoScopul vieții
SérvioSvrha života
SérvioSmisao života
TurcoHayatın anlamı

"Meaning of life" em letras

I felt sleepy and I closed my eyes
I didn't even notice the sky was blue
I woke up under a brand new sun
And since that day, nothing's been the same
Spotlights warming my heart
Deep inside, I'll never be afraid again

Tal - The meaning of life

Wanna get psycho
Scratch my itch
Give me your power glowing, juicy flowing, red hot
Meaning of life
It’s not enough to have a little taste
I want the whole damn thing

Disturbed - Meaning of Life

They are all the same, looking like dolls

I feel like reality filtered into my vision by knowing love
Near the meaning of life, you squeeze my hand back tightly

I was in this rusting world grasping at uncertainties but

One OK Rock - Living Dolls

But there's always a bigger, better, stronger, cleverer shark
Be a human and no shark, man!
Between the legs of your secretaries
You won't find the meaning of life, you'll lose your wedding ring
In your curriculum vitae
Without any gaps, that's where your life ends - count on that!"

Prinz Pi - Compass without North

I need you now to take me so far
I wanna run like the speed of the sound
I was somewhere , I'm sure you're around
You give me now the meaning of life

With you i'm feeling alive ...

Inna - Amazing

because of this .... ?
there is judgemenday in my heart
what is the meaning of life
this is the end of tolerance
because of this... ?

Moein - My heart is tired

It wouldn't be as it is, today,
if it hadn't been the way it was. (The way it was.)
The meaning of life is living!
Dad said: "Son, take my gun.

Casper - The Grizzly Song

Love, love is the meaning of life
A man told me, while he was wrapping a cigarette
Her beauty can not be compared to anything
he said with bloody eyes and went to drink up a rakija
Her name is Alma and she was sitting alone on a bench
I told her a stupid joke.

Edo Maajka - Mahir & Alma

I feel my soul, take me your way, I won’t turn back anymore
I definitely want to confirm it now with my hands

I always simply suffer, because I want to know the meaning of life
You’re right, all right
You’re right, all right, scare little boy

Yui - Feel My Soul

It wasn't easy to forget you, it wasn't that easy
To forget you love...

I had lost the meaning of life
My heart was shattered, and all because you have mocked me
But now life is shining on me and I can see, I can see

Roberto Tapia - It wasn't easy

if you want someone who always says yes, it's not me
if you want someone lost in the life, it's not me
if you want someone that can teach you the meaning of life, then that's me

why does everything I tell you makes you made?

Ramy Sabry - It's Not Me

Holding onto sorrow
And unable to see anything more
I want to know the meaning of life
I'm here

Miliyah Kato - Love Is

Whatever I see from life, It's OK
It, too, won't shake me, ease off*

Seeing you, I knew what the meaning of life is
It's weird since that day and you
in each dream you stay inside it

Tamer Hosny - Ease off

ah la la la what's going on? ah la la la what's happening to me?...

my soul came back to me by your eyes look, all my life is yours , it's not expensive for you!
this is the love that changed the meaning of life for me, and gave back the life & joy to my heart

Myriam Fares - what's going on

I think only at you

I have to lay it off
If not, what's the meaning of life
Turn around and look
At this confusion.

Enrique Iglesias - Cruel baby doll

We fear that the river floods
And that it uproots you.

Our words sell the real meaning of life,
that lives in the heart of anyone
We keep on talking words

Abdelli - The blind one

you wait for a new day from me you are to blame
you are to blame if you haven't forgatten yesterday yet
tomorrow is too late, the time is close
think about the meaning of life once
maybe everything changes today
i know we will die one day..

Rafet El Roman - HOPE

I want to die of you

Perhaps the consciousness
the meaning of life
stays in the midst of a thousand nights
or maybe more

Nomadi - I Want To Live

I don't know if I could explain in words
the detail of your body is a poem
and your body that dominates me
they confuse my meaning of life
I don't know if I could explain in words
the detail of your body and kisses of your mouth my little girl

David Bisbal - Kisses of your mouth

[i learnt the meaning of life from you]
[from you i learnt how to love]
[believe me i didn't know what love was]
[i learnt this feeling from you]

[this photo of you that stays in my hand]

Bergen - Elimde Fotoğrafın

Everyone who at our wedding,
Both young and old people.
Hand out daughters in marriage, and reverse take to your sons bride,
Because it is the meaning of life.
Eeeeey iiiiii iiiiii

Kazakh Folk - Good wishes

hand in hand from the beginning, together, on the roads, you showed me
the meaning of the words "us" and "together till the end"

you showed me the meaning of life which is hope
you showed me that the bright morning will come

Kamran & Hooman - you showed me

Because of military office
I've became into soldier but before was civilian man
Meaning of life has changed,
And I'm going to the road.
This is story of my appearing into landing force

Golubye molnii - Russian army song

There might be thorns through the aromas of love
It's like having many women and millions [$], and at the same time being alone
To rest in the loneliness at home
And find the meaning of life
Nobody can say where happiness is

Zé Ramalho - Synonyms

I'm losing my words
when I have you next to me
before you came
I didn't know the meaning of life
you're completing me from 0 to 100%
and if the friends don't agree

Enca - They don't know

God, please, it seems I will arrive

When you call my name, I fully know that I am "me."
It's the meaning of life, but just a little "I understand."

pound pound. The lively rhythm...

Aicle - Heart

We used to fall
Trying to stand up
Trying to bear the pain and sadness
But the meaning of life is greater than those
And we will try to fight them all.

Siti Nurhaliza (Dato) - Beautiful as Usual

The back is strong and built to be crooked.

Let's rape this infernal heaven on the earth.
There's a meaning of life to you.

My command is your religion. Antichrist!

Turmion Kätilöt - Swearword

When I am with you I feel as I'm in heaven in your arms I stay happy

I find the meaning of life only when I am near you

What else do I need in your love.. I lack nothing when near you.. when I am with you

Samira Said - When I'm With You

My reason for being, and the future
With a faint light - a pure, uncorrupted love
Searching for the meaning, I've been searching forever
Why does the meaning of life linger so?

If I continue to be lost in this broad, deep maze

Rie Tanaka - Raison D'etre (Reason For Being)

And what's great, look here
Has arrived on the moon
Has left below only
The meaning of life

And meanwhile the world rolls

Vasco Rossi - It Doesn't Take Much

- He has tied your hands and feet, you're subsisting in chains
- I love him with all my being ...
- He has ruined you by now, he has no heart in his chest
- because he's the meaning of life
- As if you were a sweet chocolate bar he ate you sweetly
- I love him terribly

Maria Nazionale - Reason and Sentiment

My sorrow

You're the meaning of my life
My salvation is more important the sun and the sky

Vlad Darwin - Vlad Darwin and Alyosha - Meaning of Life

This is not it, my heart

This is not the meaning of life

Was I in a dream or imagining things, my heart

Hani Shaker - no my heart

Just a few parties, together with the bohemians,
for which the school problems tail back.
The gang is Blekota, Jekota, Mekota
we talk about the meaning of life quite often

As it is right now, I have a thousand questions

Wohnout - Association of Czech bohemians

I didn't have enough time to say how much I loved you
I didn't have enough time to fix what I did wrong
I know time goes by and absence remains
Is anyone able to explain to me the meaning of life?
Anyone points me a way out, tell me the secret
Teach me to grow up without looking back and feeling afraid

Ivo Mozart - On-Duty Angels

(1st Verse)
I wanted to sleep and I closed my eyes without even seeing that the sky was blue
I'm awake under a new sun
...and since that day, nothing is such


Tal - The Meaning of Life

My hair and my eyes are beautiful,
But I have my beautiful features, you, my dear.

Your eyes have a meaning of life.
I wake up and fall asleep, thinking about your eyes.
And I lived with them in dreams.

Samira Said - enta 7abeeby (You, my dear)

The hint of my soul is engulfed by thunder *
My sweet blood is rotting in the sand
My meaning of life, in time and space
And yet, it will come to pass - it will surely come to pass

Das Ich - God's Death

The sky is still blue. Look, you are still very beautiful
And the waves are resting under a calm wind.

It looks as if you got the meaning of life wrong
Everyone is waiting for love, it isn't only you.
Everything suddenly starts through telling that you love.

İlhan Şeşen - Wake Up In High Spirits This Morning

But I change perspective
Only with a little bit of love
And I look for the meaning of life
Excavating from the heart

Marco Carta - To give for love

From today on, I'm lonely
I must live on without your smile
When I think only about these sad feelings
I question the meaning of life
Ah, although I wanted to stay together; don't leave me behind
Ah, from the beginning, nothing lasts forever

Antic Cafe - Escapism

Here you will be made known with clarity to the vague notions, the fairy tales, and the bitter grief and misery of man at play.

It laughs and jeers at you, and the meaning of life simply wipes you out.

Hearken to the somber truth of emotion, thoughts, and speech.<fn>lit. the word</fn>

Das Ich - Deadly Deed

The people who died halfway to their goals
Can you just ignore them and pretend to be dead?
Don't rely on others
Even if we lose sight of the meaning of life while living
And think you have a good reason for ending it yourself
There's no way that's true

UVERworld - Never Forget That You Will Die Someday

You were made so that I could make more of myself
Much more than what I am now
Everything about the sight of you kisses my soul
Your existence is the meaning of life and your embrace is worth dying for to me

[Hook: Kontra K]

Kontra K - Dream Woman

What does one want from life anyway
But to find someone to care for
Someone who carries her in his eyes
And beautifies the meaning of life for her

Happy, tonight I am happy

Haifa Wehbe - Happy

lama ya 7ayaty te3ood
till you come back my life
ba3ref ma3na el hayat
that's when I know the real meaning of life
2orbak ya habeby nar
Your proximity is hell

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Think of Me

And now it's 2:59 and I'm still waiting for the train to go home

I've been thinking 'bout the meaning of life
Plenty of butter but I don't have a knife
Sure beats the hell outta waiting for a ticket to Rino

A1 - 2:59

I spotted the old guy, I told him right away
Someone needs to explain to me the purpose of everything

Wise old guy said that the meaning of life
is not that what the other two idiots are doing
Sit beside me, think and love

Tap 011 - A boring day

We want something more not just nasty and bitter
We want something real not just hash tags and Twitter

It's the meaning of life and it's streamed live on YouTube
But I bet Gangnam Style will still get more views
We're scared of drowning, flying and shooters

Passenger - Scare away the dark

The redeeming proof,
which I unfortunately do not have right now .
It is the
meaning of life,
which no one reveals to me.
You must really not be a genius,

Glashaus - Stop the world

Shape shift, nose to the wind
Shape shift, feeling I've been
Move swift, all senses clean
Earth's gift, back to the meaning of life

I feel a change

Metallica - Of Wolf and Man

Riddles and secrets, scattered, hidden..

You wander for hours, moments of anguish,
searching for the meaning of life
They tell you one thing but you encounter another
and time is permanently absent.

Archanthropi - Riddles and secrets

Then the cold flames don't matter in the flames that I burn
To be near your smile

My dream struggles, the meaning of life
This world that frightens me
I want to send it back into the clear water

Kalafina - To The Beginning

Those poor lost children
Wishing to become adults

Meaning of life
I want to ask you
How? Do you feel

DAOKO - Asking For The Impossible

The rest is just a fantasy.

I am happy and I feel good;
I discovered the meaning of life
By meeting you.

Țapinarii - I am happy

I stand here on a mountain's edge
and feel how my heart grows weak.
There's no meaning in believing
that the meaning of life would be so short.

You and me,

Jimmy Jansson - The Whole World

Hold their children's hands for a while
Their hearts forever - yours and mine

Make me wonder what's the meaning of life
What's the use to be born and then die
Make me guess who's the one

Nightwish - The Riddler

Father, rest in the midst [Lit: coeur: heart - heart of/middle]
Of this veil of the tears*
My father, who showed me the ways
Of wisdom around you
Repose in serenity,
Close to the Truth

Dracula, entre l'amour et la mort - Rest/Repose

for a liberty lost

You were five hundred in Montsegur
knowing what's the meaning of life
You were five hundred in Montsegur
you are safe there behind the blue sky

Claudi Martí - Montsegur

I'd tell all my friends, but they'd never believe me
They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely
I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life
They'd shut me away, but I'd be alright
I'm just uptight

Radiohead - Subterranean Homesick Alien

We push, we go out, we bawl, we grow teeth
We crawl, we run, we fall headfirst on the cement
You're looking for the meaning of life, give up
Take off your small wheels, you know enough

Tricot Machine - Rain or Shine

with a voice I will keep you company.
while you will be with us, I won't let you fall from me
(It's) our talent to move up the mood
the meaning of life is to give it colour
to make it always green, don't stay only to words.
Because beautuful things are not forever

217 - Three & Incredibles

The world is beautiful, by some miracle,
Maybe it will come to an end the day after tomorrow

Why are we here and what is the actual meaning of life
You unfortunately look for the answer in vain

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Everything will be fine

Saw the day today. Even more than change.
You are also a common line agreed with me.

In those desperate days.Questioned the meaning of life.
Yout faith makes me demist the darkness.And to live with courage.
It wiil be such a pleasure if I can reborn.I still longing face to face with you.

Leslie Cheung - Enduring Together

In your mind, consider us new
Portray paradise. depict damnation
And about a bird that never flew
So, teach us the meaning of life

Minstrel, recite just like they've told you

Souad Massi - Minstrel

Faces flash by
They burn and curse my name...

The meaning of life for me
Is the roar of the symphony of fire
I'll save our children

Ariya - Symphony of Fire

Go to sleep, my child, I dream to reach you
When I find you, then I'll stay with you
Because you are the only meaning of life for me
What should I do here? I want to come to you, my child
My child

Letzte Instanz - My child

There was pain in his frame!
There was love, there was hunger and strife!
He felt lonely, rejected, at times disconnected!
No answer to the meaning of life!

So he sang.

Doctor Steel - Lullaby-Bye

Now go back to the past reborn
Waiting, bringing life fighting head held high
I got a chance and I can not let it go
I still look for the meaning of life fate cards shuffled again
Think about whether everything will be if I go for a simple
Is plunge me

Jeden Osiem L - One is the life

The sunrise light shines in you
In your ageless gaze
Tenderness is truth
Deep harmony

There is a mystery within you

Il Volo - Ave Maria, Merciful Mother

It's so easy to breath, when you first realize
what will be left of us when everything disappeares
When eyes will open the truth will be seen and the spark of hope dies away
I paused to think about the meaning of life
I didn't find God, I didn't find anybody else either
to help me, I decided to give up and start the journey

Raaka-Aine - Into eternal dusk

that brings you the departure from existance

Having closed your eyes
and reached the meaning of life
you now ain't any more
than dust in the wind

Der Weg einer Freiheit - Eternity

They told that things have changed for my generation
and that if we have some food to eat everything's fine.
They told me to get smart and compromise
and that somewhere near is the meaning of life, if I search for it I'll find it!

When I was little they've told me a fairytale,

FF.C (Fortified Concept) - Fairytale

As I was looking at the sky above
I realised I was falling in love
Pressure is the meaning of life
I want to marry it and make it my wife
Have lots of little pressure kids

Ylvis - Pressure

Show me the meaning of life again
I already forgot it
teach me the meaning of life again

refrain x2

Kolmas Nainen - Meaning Of Life

Among the corners familiar to us, first they are refuges and safety, then increase the paranoia.
Non stop, without stop, till everything pulsates so.
I want to stop, I want stop, to escape beyond the horizon.
Rush madly to somewhere for the meaning of life.
Here is a hell, and may end in disaster.
Frustration before forty, to somehow kill the hell of living, break away like in Samotáři[fn][/fn].

Eldo - Rain

You build walls no one could climb
And burry yourself in your victorian mind
And since I've lost all sense and meaning of life

NOW, where do our story end?

Soko - Keaton's song

Feels like I’m lost in the labyrinth”

God only knows &lt;Your infinity, you can feel it&gt;
“There must be the meaning of life
Somehow unexpected happenings thrill me”

Oratorio The World God Only Knows - God Only Knows

We used to fall
Trying to stand up
Trying to bear the pain and sadness
But the meaning of life is greater than that
And we will try to fight

Siti Nurhaliza (Dato) - Beautiful as Usual

That's granting you the escape from your existence

Eyes closed
Reached the meaning of life
Now you're nothing more
Than dust in the wind

Der Weg einer Freiheit - Eternity

there are no trace to these times of escaping

you are the other name of love
you are the meaning of life
leave me the same of me
with love filling all my body cells

Hakan Sarıca - you are the best thing

And a prevailing darkness
The bullet between so much suspended permanently
Dancing a death, revolving upon itself
The meaning of life is lost
While a young man suffers before the desire of conquered ground
On bended knee, his kiss turns slowly from red to ice

Ana Tijoux - The Bullet

Tokemebwa wama <em>(Do not be tempted)</em>
Fuba nyo okwewala <em>(Try hard to avoid)</em>
If we could see past the pleasures of life
Then maybe we’d know the real meaning of life

<strong>Chorus</strong> (2X)

Uganda All Stars - A Little Bit Of Love

Make yourself burn with life, flying Falco.
That is your strong wish.
In the flow of the Nile, in your unstoppable dream, I am sure
You will find the meaning of life.

Hitomi Shimatani - Falco

「I can meet you again right?」

(A little over 5 years have passed since then, and I am still living
The meaning of life, the meaning of existence...still seems like I won't understand any time soon
However, living as I am now might just turn into that 「meaning」, can't it?
I've come to be able to think like so.

Mejibray - Anemone

深い眠りから 覚めたら

It's now or never, so why don't you come??
Tell me the meaning of life.
Give me your love!! Get off to inside!!
We were made by stupid liquid.


Do you want to die? I want to live
Within this maze
There is a meaning of life
I am living

Genius P.J's - World is Yours

The ships sail - not ships, but boats, but the ships are in me
And the imprecise that rocks is always better than the right things that are enough
Because what's enough ends where it's enough, and it ends where it isn't enough
And something that doesn't look like that should be the meaning of life

Who gave trees their shape during their existence?

Fernando Pessoa - The White House is a Black Ship

That burns under the rain
All that we desire
Is to find our source again
The meaning of life

All dreamscapes and inventions

Epica - The Quantum Enigma - Kingdom Of Heaven Part II -

And take part in the social diversity
And enjoy our existences,
For it is in the end, this
That’s the meaning of life

Who need to be happy about their selves

Lifelover - Closed Due To Vacation

Spit me out, I don't belong
Please leave me alone
I walk away again and again
The meaning of life is fading
But not forgotten yet

ALSDEAD - Distrust

Make her feel special, because she's tired of fake words
I see you every night being crazy and burning into the flames of love
yes you love her so bad and you know it, you should talk to her that's how you'll stop suffering
When I stare deep into your eyes I find the meaning of life
and now I sing her a song about my feelings right now
Oh she's messing with my mind and I want to see her so bad

Giannis Ieremias - I'll steal her

And just what-- what-- what-- what do we fear?
Well, çe soir, for a change, it will all be made clear,
For this is 'The Meaning of Life'. C'est le sens de la vie.
This is 'The Meaning of Life'.

Monty Python - The Meaning of Life

I tell you about this life
what was most important
and what was insignificant
What was the meaning of life
It is an enigma

Raaka-Aine - The meaning of life

I will create in my own image
If God can then why can't I?
No thought of the consequences
I've got to know the meaning of life

Lightning strikes,

Iced Earth - Frankenstein

but it is not over yet!

In all the poor souls who have lost
the immense meaning of life!

I’m not asking for a whole kingdom, after all,

Max Gazzè - At the Doorstep

those mountains without a peak are also in pain only.

even so, the moon is shining
we talked about the meaning of life until dawn.

the morning glow's song, until letting all the despair heal,

Aobozu - Morning glow's song

I am the Death Unlimited
And death is all I have to give
I'll tell you the meaning of life
It's not to live but to die
I am the Death Unlimited

Norther - Death Unlimited

I don't have egoism anymore
I blame myself
I don't want you to get hurt
You are the meaning of life to me

If you loved me don't say

Nikos Vertis - If You Loved Me

(What a mess broke out down here)
The man doesn't understand anymore what life is
(What a mess broke out down here)
The man doesn't know anymore the meaning of life
(What a mess broke out down here)
They kill you since the moment you are in (your mother's) belly

Adriano Celentano - Deus*

It's a perfect circle of 280 degree.
The redemptive proof,
I unfortunately just don't have.
It's the meaning of life
no one reveals to me.
You needn't be a genious

Glashaus - Make the world halt

Leaving a mark
Starting over[fn]Or maybe "again and again"[/fn]

I'm ready to lose my mind[fn]does not really mean much, due to multiple meanings of "sens", none of them being especially relevant. "go crazy", "lose my way", "lose the meaning of life", whatever[/fn]
to avoid the obvious[fn]like a rake lying in the grass, I suppose[/fn] to find my way at last
Aiming for the top, for the top

Amir Haddad - To the top

Without limits
The sound is still my own
While coming forth without words
The meaning of life
Withers away to nothing
Chained to the horns

Horna - Blood for the dogs

I was made to think that we would wind up round here
Will we ever get together in a song
Will you ever tell everybody bout right and wrong
Will you let everyone in on the meaning of life and death
Do you need me or are you waiting for my last breath

John Frusciante - Dark/Light

The light of the east shines in you
In your ageless gaze
Tenderness is truth
Deep harmony

There is a mystery within you

Il Volo - Hail, Mary, Merciful Mother

But some nights, I seem to grow taller and taller.
And we keep shrinkin' and shrinkin' but this will not finish.
You're never nothing, if you didn't disappear.
Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they change it.
Just when I'm loving life, it seems to start raining.
I pulled the sail safe switch, sea sail and I'm into the stars.

The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed

To a world that I don't quite understand
Everything was just going so well
I was current
Found the meaning of life
But they must have changed it overnight

Rasmus Seebach - Okay

the world being beautiful as by a miracle
it might as well go down the day after.

What are we here for and what's actually the meaning of life
the answer you sadly search for in vain.

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - All Will Be Well

ambitions, conflicts, delights and eclipses,
cretins who never justified their very existence
through those who are like walls to talk to
through those whose meaning of life is to compare dicks in a changing room
through lots of other foolish stuff
I'm your Santa riding Christmas deers

Makulatura - Tenderness

I don’t care if I suffer, drowning in my own sorrow, or even if there’s no more sun to shine down on this endless song of mine.

Tomorrows fall to their deaths one after the next. However hard we chase after, they’re now yesterdays.
Live without stopping for once lit life will last for but a moment. Only after the light’s turned out does the meaning of life come.

Honestly, I get it if you don’t think you’re you anymore. Steeped in insecurities, you can’t help but hate yourself.

Tokyo Ghoul (OST) - Seasons Fall to their Deaths One After the Next

When a smiling face encounter the charming eyes,
when lips touch the other pair,
the meaning of life then appears.
When the tale reflexes onto the two characters,
a new era then begins.

Jacky Cheung - A life,A flame

it seemed to be more of it.
It's been barely touching
both soul and the body.
The hidden meaning of life,
spilled blues...

Grzegorz Turnau - Blue time

But I never asked to be born, I hate my life
And if you are God dammit then show me the light
And tell me- what's the meaning of life?


Sticky Fingaz - Oh My God

Nothing is forever and nothing is won in the home's hearth
Nothing is given to the one who gives nothing
No glory is found under the cover that hides a rusty sword
The meaning of life is strife for something more

There is only honor so there is still hope

Raubtier - Hymn

I want to be free like a dream
Strong like the sky
On this winding road
(I want to) Experience the meaning of life

I want to be free like a dream

Wang Feng - Free like a dream

Some days you wake up and you don't even knows
why to get up
Questions runs through your mind like
What's the meaning of life?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?

Jaeson Ma - Life

Has to be that it goes on
When I look at my brother and his kids, I suddenly
Understand my journey, and honestly, I think that
The meaning of life
Has to be to pass it on

Rasmus Seebach - Life Goes On

We got to choose a harder way
Cuz I know that's where the future is waiting for us
When we finally find the treasure
I'm sure we're gonna understand the meaning of life

Every every everybody let's make a wave uh

Da-iCE - Everybody

That your bones, although fragile
Still have strength like those of your son
That from the heavens you see and say:
"That's how I taught him, the meaning of life."

Phantasmagoria (United States) - Since You've Been Gone

Became "Bitches, Drugs and Heavy Guns"
Rare are those who have roses to offer
Welcome to the table served with fish and chips
Where the meaning of life got lost into the fog
Where children aren't able to put a name to a vegetable
At the heart of the worst boredom I put my bag down

IAM - The Reasons Of Wrath*

Burning its life, a Falco takes off
That's your strong wish
Like the flow of the Nile, never-fading dreams,
I'm sure you'll find the meaning of life

Hitomi Shimatani - Falco

The people that come and go are hurried on by the rain of May
I cannot forget you, and even now, I think of you who never changes

This rain that has lost all meaning of life
Pierces a needle into my heart
You, who tightly holds me in your arms,

The Oral Cigarettes - A Transparent Shelter from the Rain

I was forgetting i mean i was try to forget love that unforgettable.
I said i could be able to live in your absence but i couldn't.

It's not important that i abolish my swear important is i back to your bosom what's the meaning of life if I'm far away from you.

Why i lie to myself and say it's over will not back Why?

Saber Al-Roubai - I swore

Memories etched in quantum that establishes systematic form
All of creation is connected by gorgeous logic and relativity
Unwrap the meaning of life with the particles of eternal connection.
So others can know the meaning of death and boundless compassion

Mizca - United To The Sky 2.0

Waiting will just be
In vain
Once I know
The meaning of life
I can escape
From this despair

Nmb48 - Must Be Now

I found the meaning of life, I found it,
One love dies to be replaced by some other,
I found the meaning of life, I found it,
I will laugh at my tears
when I love at last too

Doda - Wounds

I loved you, so lucky to have met someone as beautiful as you,
Thank you so much for all the fun we had together,
It was you who let me find the meaning of life,
I want to win the world and give it to you.

Eric Chou - I Loved You

I have now moved forward
And I feel great..
You introduced me to love
And with you I have found the meaning of life again

I saw it in your eyes that you love me

Ilias Leonidis - Love Me

when it happens to go wrong
and if we tried looking for it, passion,
in everything there is to do?
and maybe that's the meaning of life
and ours to search for.

Fabio Concato - If It Wasn't For Music

My heart is empty, where can I search for the meaning
Give me a hint

I don’t know if I’ll ever find the meaning of life
My fate’s like a shadow-thrown stone
Tell me, does love have to wound me so?

Cliver - Why is it you

If I (try to) forget you, then what I should do with your memories (how can I forget your memories);
Even if I forget you and your memories...
Tell me what should I do with my broken, homeless heart;
You are the one who was once the (meaning of) life for me;
In my dreams, you were( my) eternal love;
Oh yes, my share of love is only yearning and sorrow;

Behnam Safavi - heartbroken

I want to embrace you, the rest of the world doesn't matter
Let the waltz play for us on and on, forever now
So close just a step, you are right here with me
Just a step, the meaning of life is here

Day after day, my sweet dream dies again

Enchanted (OST) - Just a step

I want to embrace you, the rest of the world doesn't matter
Let the waltz play for us on and on, forever now
So close just a step, you are right here with me
Just a step, the meaning of life is here

Day after day, my sweet dream dies again

Jarek Weber - Just a step

One day, one time, our talk was looking.
We were painting the love, our role was the sun and moon.
Then, we wrote the words, our sentence was full of stars.
We were blue like see, that's the meaning of life.

Mohammad Reza Arabi - Doll

That I have to get up.

I'm shuffling my way to the coffee maker.
I'm feeling like crap, looking for the meaning of life
I take a peek at the street below.
People have given up looking at each other.

Karimouche - A nice cup of java

without your love I would ve been alone
bitterness would ve choked me and tears and pain
it was You who led me to the land of hope
and in your eyes I beheld the meaning of life

woe to those who never fell in love

Dimitris Mitropanos - Two nights & Who to those

So I carve it into my heart before taking off.

I wanna go see a new world with you!
No matter what may await us, I at least know the meaning of life.

These days always appear to be a maze with no answer,

GARNiDELiA - Blazing

The ego is the past, and therefore it is old, and it makes everything heavy. Ego is the memory of what is no more, and therefore it deprives you of spontaneity; that is to say, of audacity, that is to say of a childlike state. Ego makes you feel the suicidal illusion that you are something apart. That is to say, it blinds you, impoverishes you, makes you cold, and in that state you suffer from loneliness, instead of enjoying it. The more you know, the more paralyzed you will become; you won’t live, you will only answer from your place of knowledge. That is to say, you will answer in a mechanical fashion, and only to that which is in front of you, and not to life, and only because of reason and not clarity.
Get up and get going. Leave the bed where you sleep alongside the crowds, and go walk by yourself; that is to say, for the sake of the only thing that's true, meaning life. And then, when you are awake you will bless all others with your joy.
Abandon parasitic spectatorship, and enter the playing field to play your game. Stop complicating your life, and complicating in general. Stop for a while, and you will find that the meaning of life lies in itself.
You can call each thing by the name you want, but everything—primarily what we do not even see, what we do not even imagine—makes up this luminous mystery that we call life.

Facundo Cabral - Get Up And Get Going

The one who fights for his dreams?
Which words should I listen to
If you no longer think of me?
Where does the meaning of life lie
If you no longer trust me?
We were there for each other

Unheilig - Warriors

whether he was a desperate man or I am...

But I still don't understand, with my phony knowledge
who had grasped the meaning of life and who still couldn't understand anything.

Francesco Guccini - The Friar

His life is a bunch of stupid clusterfuck
Lack of booze and shoveling someone's vomit
Picking in a mad dance of brainfuck
To find a meaning of life by scratching off a gore scab
It's too late to try to pen madness into stalls
One needs a lot of booze to arrange the reality.

Makulatura - A Carousel

I am angry I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin
My irritability keeps me alive and kicking
I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit
I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it

Magazine - A Song From Under The Floorboards Lyrics

I keep following the path of rebellion and poetry
Before I descend into the depth of my lethargy
And I can see interest and cost ruling the streets
Materialism being publicised as the new meaning of life
Youth have never been so distant towards the elderly before
Children have never learnt sooner how to dream

Black Heaven - Soulless

I'm burning out
all the dreams which includes you
have a meaning of life and death for me
I'm burning out

Notis Sfakianakis - This is what love is

And we can see more and more
In this huge and vast world
Here we can learn from eveything
And find the meaning of life
The sun will bring again a new day
and will shine bright in the blue sky.

The Lion King (OST) - Circle Of Life

What if we could somehow
Store knowledge in a cloud
Draw a smiley face on the moon
Find the meaning of life

Riding the crest of our time

Sonata Arctica - Closer To An Animal

But I'm happy to feel, that I have so much happiness with you.
You should know that there's nothing what I have ever regretted
and not a moment in which I haven't rejoiced in you.
Without you my life would be lost and I would wonder what the meaning of life was
that's why I thank God for giving me such a sweet child.

Iriepathie - My darling

I blame my demon
I become unable to breath
This is black magic
I memorise the meaning of my life
Generally its value
Even if I understand nothing

KANA-BOON - White Night


Meaning of life
Is to become death
To close eyes easy

Dehydrated - Alive Underground

You're reading your text,
You're expressing your thoughts,
You're fighting for success,
And rap - is your meaning of life.


Propaganda - Cold, wind

Together we go everywhere and look up at the stars
Together we`ll walk out the jungles and savor a memory
Together we`ll be mistakenly jealous and make it up
Together we`ll learn more about ourselves and find the meaning of life
I don`t wanna be without you, I can`t be without you, absolutely can`t be without you

S.H.E - I Love You

what's the meaning of life without my lover
i'm useless here

what's the meaning of life without my lover
i'm useless here

Agnez Mo - Without My Lover

It’s been a long and lonely time
since Clare could hear the rain.

<em>Don’t talk to me about the meaning of life,
don’t sing your songs that cut like a knife:
I don’t wanna hear, don’t wanna hear it at all.

Eric Bogle - A Reason For It All

Didn't get any bills in years
And there are no crimes if there are no banks
If you hear a shot it's just my fireworks
The meaning of life is party and loitering
In the reality they follow the law blind
Not here, here they all ask why the fuck would they

Laineen Kasperi - Kingdom

Eating wack rappers alive, shittin' out chains
I ain't believe it then; nigga, I was homeless
Fightin', shootin' dice, smokin' weed on the corners
Trying to find the meaning of life in a Corona
Till the 5 percenters rolled up on a nigga and informed him:
"You either build or destroy. Where you come from?"

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C

It's already woken us up
Already, already woken us up...

The meaning of life

Elsa Lila - The meaning of life

I'm frightened that dreams may blur
And I don't become how I want to,
And I don't find it,
The meaning of life.

Adjust your frequencies to me,

2raumwohnung - Frequencies

And took our voices away

Resting on my shoulder, you’ve closed your eyes
And your beauty gave me the meaning of life
On this wonderful spring night

Tiho Orlić - Our very first night

But still so close
So many days
I've had to count
The meaning of life
Comes true when I'm with you
For in me there's a flower growing

Leaves' Eyes - Mourning Tree

I never knew the true meaning of life
Except when I met your eyes
Not one second passes
without me thinking of you

If my life was one night

Diana Karazon - If my Life was One Night

Your ivory hands
Opened me the gate
To the meaning of life
Where love conquers hate

Grave Digger - Emerald Eyes

Burning the ashes they choke
From the earth the magma will rise
Enveloped in poisonous smoke
so the meaning of life ends in prophecy
Premonitions of tragedy
still no hope for humanity

Testament - 3 Days In Darkness in 2012

I can't help you... I can't make her go

Ok, let's discuss the meaning of life... Simply, as usual,

Vera Polozkova - poems selection

Look in my eyes and see your tears
until the music disappears.

And the meaning of life is a mystery
though we live it from day to day.
But the music of life should be harmony

The Alan Parsons Project - I am a mirror

Everybody looking for the meaning of life through a cell phone screen
Everybody think that the meaning of life is, life is
Everybody, everybody, woo
Everybody think that the meaning of life is


Logic - Killing Spree

The meaning of life, a puzzle I can't do...
That's a reason I have had sleepless nights
I couldn't say anything to you
Since I was afraid that you hate me

Didn't want to show you my weakness

Dustbox - Nobody is Perfect

In the final ring
Born in this world
Wanting to know
the meaning of life

Get your dreams!

AKB48 - Don't give up

If it's the last thing I do
Before I die

Tell me, have you found the meaning of life?
Or the fountain of youth in a well?
Have you dared to take "the big step"

2 Blyga Läppar - Before I Die

[Chorus x2]
This is the meaning of life
don't you know the way things go
this is the meaning of life

When we see the last strong lion

X-Perience - The Meaning Of Life

Praying that everything will be alright.

I question my own existence,
Question the meaning of life.

Why don't you carry me?

Papa Roach - Carry Me

while i'm completly lost
Don't know what to do about it...
Don't know what to follow,
What's the meaning of life?
I have no idea...

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST) - You're not Alone [We're one]

Overtaking now

The meaning of life
And it haunts me
Would you run into my mind?

Red - A.I.

In this world, everyone
Is looking for a path somewhere
The meaning of life, everyone
Is searching everywhere
But the price for us

Hillsong Kiev - All That We Need

You stood quietly by my side
As tears welled up in our eyes
And I knew in this moment the meaning of hope
And I knew the meaning of life

It's cosmic truth I know

Hexvessel - Cosmic truth

Meaning of life, life, life, life
Show me the meaning of life
Show me the meaning of life, ooh
Show me the meaning of life

Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

For which we are waiting for.

A well-known someone, who had a house and orchard,
Suddenly lost meaning of life and fell into the wrong circles
Although his fortune was lost, he was not fallen
He could explain himself in that very moment, that:

Polish Football Anthems - Anthem of Korony Kielce

Only this feeling of nostalgia
But only death will show
The true meaning of life

This longing of mine will never end

Vanhelga - A Sinister Longing

This sign was given as a proof for you
-since I want to protect it-

At that time I was looking for the meaning of life
I know that your heart was gazing at the same light
far away in the distance we met by chance if that is destiny

Chihiro Yunekura - Eternal flower

The senpai* that died in the bypass
They died here every year, for ten years

If we ask the meaning of life, it's the end
That said we'll crush the insects with our value
Only in the time I drank too much "Can't even understand" such understanding came

amazarashi - Us Against The World

And I live everything I've ever missed with you when you loved me
I wish I could live two or three lives with you

With you I've known the true meaning of life
And I believed that I've never loved or adored anyone before you
When you're by my side, my heart skips a beat

Tahra - Better than before

No one leaves, stay here
It's safe and supplies are plentiful
Leading us to a glorious future, it's all up to you
Someday you will understand the meaning of life
Your true happiness is at your home

Moana (OST) - My home