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It started with a smile of yours
The storm in my heart
Without even consulting me
Love is at my door
You, who gives rhythm to spring
ivy, everblooming
Find strength in my sun and embrace (me)
My love, just caress (me) once
My heart casts leaves
If you could see me
Without you I'm autumn
Your skin sneaks nearby
Touching my lips
Your dream is not enough
Come, and be with me
Loves, Loves
Smiling now, crying then
What a beauty, my god
It's harmful for the heart
Shall i not go, shall i stay?
Shall I ask Majnun?
Becoming ashes, unable to withstand fire
This city might burn
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*Majnun is the hero of the saga "layla and majnun". Actually named Qays, the hero becomes "insane" as he is not allowed to be together with his love (Layla). Hence being heart-broken he wanders around the desert, looking for his love. That is the reason why he is called Majnun (possesed by madness).