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My confession

Gotan Project... From the Koxmoz for the world... Yes, it's me... and the voice of my thoughts, my thoughts, thoughts of the heart.
What's the key, What's the secret? To be at peace completely, two feet on the earth and a story have kept me held down for a while. The world is my floor, the sky my ceiling, Buenos Aires where I harvest my longings and my passions, but there's only a void and I'm not satisfied.
If I speak of love... I know that I miss her, of my actions in life I am owner, but I'm kept silent by the pain from the damage, it's like a dream within another dream. I bet all or nothing, but remain quiet, to each it's own, I go around crazy, still sitting waiting... that this time destiny won't leave me stood up, that it won't stand me up.. no babe, listen to me well, it's not just talk... it's love.
(Chili Parker)
It was revealed to me by a friend, it wasn't my fault, of love I know nothing, my thing is astronomy, you knew full well I was just a buffoon, you knew... I'm just a drunkard. So don't reproach me, don't wait for me and don't call me, everyone knows I'd rather be an MC, even the streetlights on the street where I was born. I have a ballad for someone crazy, that I composed myself, for me, because I'm crazy, and that made me crave thinking of you, and thus a poem is born. The most shrewd of us allow all aprils to pass, immobile so we are not left as if unidentified, that way I won't ever fall in love again, that way I won't fall in love with you again.
(Apolo Novax)
Thoughts of the heart … They are my confession...'¿what?'... not my inspiration.
Thoughts of the heart … They are my confession...'what do I know, '... not my inspiration. ( Bis X2)
(Chili Parker)
... And so it is, we all trip on the same stone.
(Apolo Novax)
It's not just's love.
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few slang words can't be translated into english. I tried to conserve as much flow as possible. Bear with me... it's one AM.


Mi confesión

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