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My Eternal Secret Love

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I'm going to pretend
that it doesn't exist,
forever you ever saw me.
Now you see,
we were both mistaken
and it's best
that we part ways.
And may this farewell
be good for both of us
I'll come up with a way
to live without you.
I swear to you that no one else
will love you like I do
but today, my heart aches for you1
because it hurts for me to tell you
that I've come too late to you.
Even if I never see you again
I want you to know that for you
I'll take my trip without a ticket2
and in the distance you'll always be
my eternal secret love.
Because between us
there's no distance, nor time, nor space
our love will always be eternal.
  • 1. lit. 'my chest burns for you'.
  • 2. boarding pass.
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Mi eterno amor secreto

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