Misfits - Saturday Night


Saturday Night

There's 52 ways to murder anyone
One or two are the same
And they both work as well
I'm coming clean for Amy
Julie doesn't scream as well
And the cops won't listen all night
And so maybe, I'll be over
Just as soon as I fill them all in
And I can remember when I saw her last
We were running all around and having a blast
But the backseat of the drive-in is so lonely without you
I know when you're home
I was thinking about you
There was something I forgot to say
I was crying on a Saturday night
I was out cruising without you
They were playing our song
Crying on a Saturday night
As the moon becomes the night time
You go viciously, quietly away I'm sitting in the bedroom
Where we used to sit and smoke cigarettes
Now I'm watching, watching you die
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