Moïra Gynt ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Moira Gynt

Up high, on your heels of ice
You dance and you slip away
You make your own way
In your disgusting jacket
Hands outstretched, without answers
Dug into, without hopes, in silence*
Of a tomorrow which could say "I love you"
And sometimes even tell you that everything's alright
Moira Gynt, in your battered sneakers,
Your ready-to-wear clothes,
It's in my heart that I'd like to carry you
Moira Gynt, the wind in your undone hair,
You told yourself to fake your way to somewhere else
I imagine your lips, grey with rancor at not being able to brush against mine
I dream that you're no longer afraid, and that we discover together the streets of Siena
I hope to share your tender melancholy
My days are made of marble, much darker and sadder than my nights
The deaf, pouring rain ruins this scene
I throw myself into the scene, I throw myself into the scene
Metaphor of a leash**, to keep track of who's coming and going, just passing by
Because yes, love is a parade of challenges, we break our faces*** without much difficulty
Moira Gynt, in your battered sneakers,
Your ready-to-wear clothes,
It's in my heart that I'd like to carry you
Moira Gynt, the wind in your undone hair,
You got out, broken, soaring,
And I won't wait, I'm taking the holy orders
i hope this translation was useful to you. use it wherever, i don't mind.
i write evocative translations rather than precise ones so this might not be "word for word" but at least it will be pretty
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Comentários do autor:

*I'm pretty sure the lyric here is "en silence", not "sans lonces" (also as far as I know "lonces" isn't a word)

**laisser as noun = leash or laisse (a tirade in verse), not rly sure what this means

***casser la guele = break/smash one's face (je te casse la guele = i'll break your face in)


Moïra Gynt

Tim Dup: Maiores 3
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ingirumimusnocte    Terça-feira, 23/10/2018 - 15:34

This transcription was obviously made by someone who didn't understand the lyrics...

Tu traces ta route -> "tracer la/sa route" usually means "plough on" or "move on regardless". That's slangy though, so the meaning can vary a bit.

sans lonces d'un lendemain -> delirious transcription. Should be "sans l'once d'un lendemain" (without the slightest hint of a tomorrow/future)

prêt-à-porter / c'est dans mon cœur que j'aimerais te porter -> that's a nice pun, I wonder if it could be rendered in English.
"wear your heart on my sleeve" maybe?

tu t'es dit simuler -> another transcription disaster. Should be "tu t'es dissimulée" (you went to hide someplace else)

sont de marbre -> "être/rester de marbre" is idiomatic for not being stirred by something ("il resta de marbre devant ses supplications").
It's not a very usual way of saying, but he means something like "emotionless", "jaded".

je me jette dans la scène -> obvious pun with "dans la Seine" (the river in Paris). That's a common metaphor for suicide.

laisser pour compte -> should read "laissé pour compte" : a dropout, a misfit

qui va et qui vient -> more like "wanders hither and thither" or something like that

car oui l'amour c'est défiler / les défis nous cassent la gueule sans trop de difficulté -> That sounds like gibberish to me, but I can't make out what he really says.
Given the quality of the transcription, I suspect the real lyrics make more sense than that.

tu t'es barrée cassée envolée -> "se barrer / se casser / s'envoler" all mean "go away" with various slangy nuances.