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Mood Freestyle

Im in my mood
If you give me to drink, i will finish all the drink
If im in the right night bro i get drunk, then i blend everything
I see blue lights like on whatsapp with the two tips
This stuff I've in my pocket is illegal, but here police uses to do just some fine
You are a chicken,yes yes you are chicken
I saw you do follo4foloow just to have 2 more followers
If they would have been signed by Kayne you would have bought the shape up
You are flat,it's all push up
Life costs an eye like Fetty Wap
Let's taste this thing they brought to me,it's very good
Bro, Dont' break my balls im not in my mood
I'm in my mood
I'm in my mood
Let's taste this thing they brought me,it's very good(very good)
I'm in my mood
I'm in my mood
Bro don't broke my balls that I'm in my mood
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90% of sentences you can't understand it's beecause they re kinda italian proverbs


Mood Freestyle

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Love_Subtitles    Quinta-feira, 27/12/2018 - 14:19

Thank you Teeth smile
If you have some time maybe you can try to explain one or two of those
italian proverbs to me ♞▀▄▀▄♝▀▄ like a chess game between languages :))

Angelo Science    Segunda-feira, 07/01/2019 - 15:32

Man i'm pretty sure there are similar proverbs in english,but in different words,but I don't know those Teeth smile