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Meanings of "In my book"


Po mom mišljenju. Što se mene tiče. Po meni. Kako ja to vidim.

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"In my book" em letras

Fairuz - I Write Your Name, My Darling

And you gave me a rose
I showed it to my friends
I hid it in my book then planted it on my pillow
I gave you a flower pot

EXO - Miracles in December

I stop time (oh now I will) and go back to you
Again today, I open your page in my book of memories
I am there inside, inside that winter

Googoosh - Makhloogh

…(all the memories of that old love)I had forgotten them all.
your beautiful name…
had become faded in my book.
I had forgotten…

Suvi Teräsniska - Guestbook

There's still time
As long as there’s just space in my book
There's still time

Galileo Galilei - From Me To You

There is no way I could understand or agree
And I can't put this into words either
And though I walk using all the tricks in my book
The steam train is traveling above my head, high in the sky

Neil Young - Drifting' back

Excuse my religion
Dreaming 'bout the way things feel now
Write it in my book
Blocking out all the thoughts now

Felix Jaehn - Book of Love

In my, in my
In my book of love.

Imagine Dragons - Who We Are

In with the season
Taking down names
In my book of jealousy

Fairuz - I'm Writing Your Name

And you gave me a flower
I showed it to my friends
I put it in my book
I planted it on my pillow

Benyamin Bahadouri - I remember

you promised that you'd not come in my dreams anymore
(you promised)you'd not leave out your picture in my book
but everyday in wakeness

Guns N' Roses - Yesterdays

Old pictures that I'll always see
Time just fades the pages
In my book of memories
Prayers in my pocket

Jelena Rozga - Circus

that we would love anonymously ..

In my book of Genesis it says,
Let her be lucky.

Kyo - Russian Dolls

In life there and slaps the dark side
And in my book so many pages filled with erasures
Feet glued to the tarmac we see only the blue

The Black Eyed Peas - Don't lie

I admit that I have been a little immature
Fucking with your heart like I was the predator
In my book of lies I was the editor and the author

Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

Of all the things I cant say
Want you to be my first my last my ending and beginning
I wrote your name in my book
You last name my first

Gülşen - yapamazsan yok

Yapamazsan yok 2x

Its not in my book, if you cant do it, no
Whatever there is in my past that has collapsed I have thrown

Saber Al-Roubai - homesickness

Oh how long my absence has lasted
A piece of writing in my book*
I'm longing and in the desire there is my torment

Notis Sfakianakis - If I lose you

If I lose you, I want you to know that I will disappear
There's no other page in my book
If I lose you, only one thing is likely to happen

Macklemore - American

I know you lost out there
It was a tough one
But you're still two mavericks in my book
Don't worry about it

Shahin Najafi - To Die Standing Up

The good God sleeping in my book,

Majida El Roumi - When, With Flowers

Today, I cut it like a promise.
The world is sweet, calling us to hide;
Lock it and hide it in my book,
My love.

Kent - Ansgar and Evelyne

And you took me in from the cold
From German deathmetal to Charles Valentine
In my book, you're forever Evelyne.

Olga Arefyeva - Asymmetry

And I am stuck between the reprise and the volta<fn>"Volta" is the Russian term for “repeat sign”</fn>
I have been dreaming about this for years – nuts to me!
All of this could arouse me only in my book.

Infinite - Man in Love

I can’t escape because I’m in too deep
The letters in my book are dancing as they form your name
As if you’re the main character of the movie, as if you’re the moon in the sky, I keep seeing you

Wicked (musical) - How I Am

Your handwriting
Wrote important things on my heart.
And whatever stood in my book of life,
was rewritten, told anew

Kent - Ansgar & Evelyne

And you have taken me from the cold in
from German hardrock to Charles Valentin
In my book you are for ever Evelyne

Dodie - Would You Be So Kind?

Let's write a story
Be in my book
You've got to join me on my page

Kent - Ansgar & Evelyne

And you've taken me in from the cold
From german hardrock to Charles Valentin
In my book you are forever Evelyne

Les Ogres de Barback - April and You

You had on your dapper little suit, so neat
’Twas the month of April there was you and me
I had it noted in my book to see

Kalomoira - Money ain't the key

Mama told me something that I have learned to know
In life you gotta make it on your own
I’ve got mycheques in my book and a family to trust
So good friends take a look at yourself

Natalia Lafourcade - Look Outside

Give me your whole heart

I've got all your lyrics in my book
I've decided to lay on the grass and read to you (Lay down with me)

Suzanne Vega - Book Of Dreams

In my book of dreams
In my book of dreams
In my book of dreams

Alexandru Andrieș - The Edge of the Night

Your lip always leaves marks in the air
And it's quite difficult
To record all of this, here in my book...
No, no, no....

Forever Haqqani - Mercy

Before you go,
Just one last look.
His image I will draw in my book.
Because of him we all arrived.

Dinah Washington - Blue Gardenia

Yes, there pressed in my book of memories. x2

But pressed in my book of memories...

Rojo - Without Love

It can not exist
Without love, without love
In my book there's not value
Without love ...

Connect - Bum

If you got no place, sit on my face
Up, down, go, left, right
Your ass already won the World cup in my book
Move your hips,let the hyenas see it

Dženan Lončarević - Odd Number

to open old wounds again.
Nothing new has happened to me.
In my book you're still a capital letter.
There down my skin I still feel you.

Fairuz - I Write Your Name, My Darling

Nor did you care for it until the gift was lost
And you gifted me a rose; I showed it to my friends
I hid it in my book, planted it on my pillow
I gifted you a vase, you did not hide it

Amanda Lear - Tomorrow

Don't you know that loving feeling
(We could try)
In my book of trips
(To say goodbye)

Ray Charles - Say No More

All my life!
Say no more
In my book there can be no blame
When you pretend I have no shame

Big c x nujabes - Latitude

Writing 'til my days spent, trying reinvent my flow
With every song I close a chapter in my book
My book of rhymes, cooking lines
They got me walking through needles

Tereza Kerndlová - Mum

In the dark Im reading for a while,
However leaf miss in my book,
Mum, you seem suddenly sleepy

Severina - Uno momento ("Wait a sec!" in Italian)

This time, however, forget about me
Some say you are an expired item
In my book of (first) impressions
You are rated as a weak "C"

Prince - U Got the Look

You've got the look, you've got the hook
U sho'nuf do be cookin' in my book
Your face is jammin'

Nas - The World is Yours

[Verse 1: Nas]
I sip the Dom P, watchin' Gandhi 'til I'm charged, then
Writin' in my book of rhymes, all the words past the margin
Behold the mic I'm throbbin', mechanical movement

Zap Tharwat - Fame is doomed

go get the book, open it, read it and see for yourself
where is the profanity you talk about?
I have been accused me of saying things that were never mentioned in my book

Sibel Tüzün - Doesn't bind me

Doesn't bind me
Binds me not
Minor calculations don't fit in my book
Everything is up to a point

Severina - One Moment

but this time you forget about me
they say you were out before deadline
in my book of impressions
you are a weak trio

Jana (Lebanon) - Private Lesson

My teacher explains on the board but I'm busy with your love

Your name is written in my book and I'm drawing hearts on pages

Renaud - How come?

are you a yobbo[fn]"loubard" is quite dated. A French pre-rap era ancestor of the hoods, evolved from the UK teddy boys and US greasers[/fn] for real?

A leather jacket looks good in my book.
Besides, it keeps me warm.

XOXO - Bla bla bla

That which is yours is held close

A dried rose lies in my book, put aside
I close the album in which fake smiles didn’t exist

Thalía - Crystal world

in the center of a bonfire
against the flames of evil
in my book of songs
only chance

Chris Rea - The closer you get

I know what you're thinking, well how do I feel?
We'll there's no rules in my book
Except the closer you get, the better you look

Kent - Ansgar and Evelyne

And you have taken me from the cold inside
From German hard rock to Charles Valentine
In my book we are always Ansgar and Evelyne