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Мясо (Myaso) ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Zemfira (Земфира)
  • Música: Мясо (Myaso)
    2 traduções
    Inglês #1, #2
  • Traduções disponíveis: Inglês #1, #2
Tradução para InglêsInglês

The meat

Versões: #1#2
People want only meat, meat on their dishes
Faster, louder, but
I can`t over it, can`t concetrate
Take away my lungs, they`re too heavy
They`re messed up with nails, newspapers, resins
Road, road, road toward dead bodies across other dead bodies
Through arterial tubes
Please, give me a cigarette or something and lets move on
Look at me, hands up
Or remain human and die
The wife is waiting for a child, waiting for me and sneakers
The calendar shows that it`s spring, but in the reality
There are trenches and high-precision long-range missiles
It`s midnight in Mariupol
I have nightmares every night
Still waiting for ration, still freezing, two-hundredth
If only I could hug you
We have moved on, but where are we?
Why did we moved on?
I`ll be looking for an answer for the rest of my life
Pray for me, pray

tbh i have problems with concetration that's why i cannot see my mistakes during process so if you find any of them pls keep me informed не бойтесь я не кусаюсь
а ещё я не знаю японского и все тексты ищу на английском - перевожу так на русский. не серчайте

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хуй войне

Мясо (Myaso)

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