Zaz - Ni oui ni non ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Neither Yes Nor No

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A little sweeter, a little saltier
No, I much prefer when it’s spicy
A little taller, a little shorter
No, I much prefer walking
A little clearer, a little cheaper
No, I much prefer mountains to the sea
A little whiter, a little darker
No, I prefer people who dare to believe
He asked me nonstop
what’s a good way to take
To live is to hesitate
and that, you can understand well
A little cooler, a little more annoying
I like being alone, and I also like the crowd
A little more time, a little less long time
I like when people leave me be but not when they get me drunk
A little happier, a little sadder
I like love stories that make me bawl
A littler closer, a little less far
I like when people think of me even if we don’t see each other
a little more to the right, a little more to the left
I prefer counting on no one
More money for you, a little less for them
And as for me, when will people give me some?
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It's probably not very poetic, but I prefer more literal translations that don't take as many liberties with the source material. Thanks!


Ni oui ni non