Ve gülümse şimdi (Bebeğim) ( Tradução para Inglês)

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my baby

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dont even cry,loneliness is aquanted with me,first is God we met firstly
dont let ur smell,i like ur smell so much,u cant know take ur smell away
u have been child always,with baloon in ur hand,was i obstacle?was i pin?
i have looked and,apples has fell down,we have done,wooden cover has shutted down
and trying is meaningless
foreign on ur face
she\he is more foreign in every passing second
and stay as i know this
it wont get harder in every passing seconds
and smile now
u have been always right,sorrows are free of charge,we were obliged to look there from away
i am so tired,like an old watch,i have been ill-treated as İstanbul has been
my baby
like we used to get sad when the bell rang in the most beautiful time of game
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Ve gülümse şimdi (Bebeğim)