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I don't love

I don't love people who speak too much, but never get to the point
I don't love those who smile and ask you for a high five when they lose
I don't love these politics filled with respectability
Meaningless phrases like: "I fall but I stand up again"
I don't love photos published for advertisement
Your sweet words written with big letters
I don't love religion that moves forward while going backwards
I don't love those who preach and curse in their head
I don't love your faces, that's why I don't get them mixed up
I don't love my face, that's why I don't know myself
I don't like your uniforms in which you feel to be strong
You're not what you wear, but what you dream at night
I don't love when you look at me and my skin gets goosebumbs
Because not being as strong will make me more sad
I don't love those who say "I'm going to win" and lose the next moment
I don't love those who are smiling here, but deep down they don't know if they exist
I don't love shaken hands at the end of a night out
It means there's a hidden deal about what it has been
I don't love those who have the will to get up without being called
Those who at school would get As after saying: "I haven't studied"
I don't love written invites for parties of successful people
Because I used to be what you would always keep away from
Yes, the one who had a dream as his only weapon
Yes, the one you would call: "That weird guy who sings"
I don't love those who complain about the world not understanding them
If they're just waiting for the times to get better while saying it
I don't love your questions about the meaning of my silences
I speak when I'm quiet, in my eyes I hide my teeth
I don't love when I come back home alone and I lock the door
I look in the mirror and I don't know who I'm looking at anymore
I don't love those who describe me with three words in two pages
I don't love this money, because it only makes me fragile
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Non amo

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