Fabio Concato - Non Smetto di Aspettarti ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I don't stop waiting for you

I miss you
I never say it to you
And trips are many
But I know you'll come back
But I miss you
I miss how much you laugh
To tears
It's a pity that you don't see yourself
Do you feel me
Do you feel how much I miss you
Hot lips and sides
And much more
That I can't say here
But tonight
I miss you so much (literally: I miss you to death)
I miss
That lightness of yours
To face the world
And my sadness too
I miss you
I miss your eyes
That know how to caress me
and light mine
I miss you
You can't know how much
Is it that you don't exist
so I invent you
I imagine you and I sing you
and so
It seems that you're here
And if I'm not able to love so much
And be loved
What am I supposed to be useful for?
Do you feel me
I don't know how to search you
I don't know who to ask *
I don't stop waiting for you
Because I miss you
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* The Italian lyrics has a mistake!
It should be "non so a chi domandare"


Non Smetto di Aspettarti

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