Olyckssyster ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Sister in bad luck

Have you seen my sister in bad luck1
I ask my brother in bad luck
We are united in our impotence of power
Me, my sister and my brother
Did you see her run
Did you see where she went
Did you see her tears flow
Did you see if she was having fun
Did you see if my worry is justified, dear brother
Do you think it ended as badly
As I believe, as I think it did
We are united in our impotence of material existence
About those who see a sister
Or a brother ut can't be bothered
Giving a helping hand
To the one who tangles their net
Have anyone seen my sister
Did anyone see if she was crying
Have you seen my sister in bad luck
Dear fair brother in bad luck
Did you think she took a shortcut
To where I believe, to where I think
We are united in our impotence of power
In our dishonor and shame
We are strong of will
But it is still not enough
Where was I when I was needed
Where was I when she was weak
Where was I when her will to live
Where was I when her flame
Seemed to give up and die
Where is my sister in bad luck
Don't let it be over
Now the shadows are long
And things look different
Soon the darkness will be upon us
Then we won't see anything anymore
Come to me my sister in bad luck
Before night falls upon us
I am scared because you are precious to me
I need you to understand that
If the world is a battlefield
If everything is a fight
If we become easily confused when everything is on the glide
That is when I need my sister
I need her so much
You don't get to take any shortcuts
No, you can't go
  • 1. olyckssyster is adapted from 'olycksbror', olycksbror is made up of the words for 'accident' and 'brother', it means 'fellow sufferer of bad luck. 'syster' means 'sister''
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