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They call me "She"
No one remembers my name
Every night I fly around here
Filters for pain are blocked
Hey that's great for me
Nice club, but too many faces
I'm an old self-killer
I'm coming back again for your "No"
Again, to hit myself from your chest
My craziness judges me
Everybody has their own way of expressing anger, their own way
You love her
The way she talks, hey look at her walk
What a makeup, look at her clothes
When she looks, she pokes you like a needle
You love her
She's in for the goodies, some big shot's goodies
When she walks in, the whole room is on fire
She's hell on high heels
They call me "She", you call me that too
But my ego is untouched
Looks may fool you
Destination is not as important as the journey,
I fall and get up again and again
Hey that's great for me
I'll walk all over my promises, all what I said more or less
Who would be able to be held by their words when by your side
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