A Paean to the Goddess ( Tradução para Gaélico (Gaélico Irlandês))

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A Paean to the Goddess

O Mother of all things
Peace be upon thee
Watch over our humble Earth
In both trial and prosperity
You seek not obedience nor strife
But the betterment for all life
We see you in the skies aloft
And o'er the hills and mountaintops
Etched upon clouds and summit heights
Your countenance gleaming ever so bright
We hear your whispers in the air
Echoing the wisdom of the ages
A hymn to relieve all despair
Our croon to our restlessness
We sense your heartbeat upon verdant fields
Over living ground our bare footsteps tread
To you we acknowledge, we appreciate thee
O Guardian of Life from beginning to end
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This is a poem I had been working on for months. The inspiration for posting it here came from TrampGuy, so many thanks to him.

Tradução para Gaélico (Gaélico Irlandês) Gaélico (Gaélico Irlandês)
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Paeán don bhandia

O Mháthair nan dúl
go dté tú maille le síocháin agus suaimhneas na bhfhlaitheas
bí i do dhíon dar nDomhain umhal
i thriail agus i rathúnas.
Ní iarrann tú umhlaíocht no achrann
ach biseach ar gach uile saghas beatha
Feicimid eadarbhuas thú ar an spéir
agus thar na cnoic agus bairr na sliabh,
do dhealbh sa phictiúr sna scamaill agus ar na beanna
do ghnuis ag dealramh go soillseach lonrach
Cluinnimid do chogair san aer
ag baint nacalla as gaois na n-aoiseanna
iomann a fuasclaíonn an uile éadóchas
ar gcrónán dar míshuaimhneas
Taibhsítear buille do chroí sna réimsí úrghlas dúinn.
Céimnionn ar gcoiscéime nochta ar talammh beo.
Glacamaid leat agus measaim go coir thú
A Bhancoimirceoir beatha ó thús go déireadh.
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I hope someone will check this - I hardly know Irish at all, just enough to read a bit, to understand some of the songs, and to struggle to communicate in Irish. Without a native speaker to correct me, I'm bound to make a lot of mistakes. When I did a scottish version about three weeks ago, I said I would hope for someone else to do the Irish - but no-one has, so I've made this attempt. It certainly won't be good Irish, the best I can hope for is that it will be understandable for anyone who knows Irish.

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