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When the time comes

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I know you don't notice
I am just here
Waiting to be loved
Hoping, even if it's not right now
You'll notice someday
You'll notice someday
I know you don't see
I am just here
I'll always wait for you
Hoping, even if it's not today
You'll search for me too
When the time Comes
Maybe you and I will be together
Maybe my heart beat would
beat the same as yours
I hope that it would happen
Even if its not today
I hope you'll love me too
When the time Comes
I know you don't know
I am just here
I'm going to wait any time
Wishing, even if it's not today
You'll love me too
You'll love me too
It might not be tomorrow
It might not be right now
You never know maybe someday
It would come too
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Pagdating ng panahon

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