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Peter Pan

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When we were young – I remember it
No way was too far and each day we got around despite it
We held a flea market at the supermarket parking lot
Saturday mornings we were there at 8 O’clock
The one won, who earned the most
And at noon we’d go back to our playground command post
Samir got his ball, and we’d play soccer ball
We’d laugh about things like open flies and close calls ¹
I remember summer time, the heavy shit
For a buck - a bag full of Fla-vor-ice we’d get
Every day we’d dive 10 meters to the pool below
At some point, really thought I was Sinbad though
We were neither gangsters nor were we man whores
We tyrannized the neighbors and the janitor
It was a lovely time, without any tears to convey
It’s just that I think about it at least once a day
The best time of my life – I remember it
How I sat in my room - I can still see it
Some guys tell me that time was the worst shit
But for those good times – I’m grateful for every part of it
Even in winter, our moods were always good
We built a place to chill just from wood – I remember it
And when it turned too cold in our tree house
Played a round of Play Station at the department store
We played until they threw us out of there
Ran off ‘cause they’d call the cops – not cool -
I traded lunch with Andre during break at school
And played cops and robbers on the playground after school ²
Even if money was tight, we didn’t sweat it
For birthdays, we wished for our own Nike Air
And even if our parents had no money to spare
Because they loved us they bought us the nicest pair
Letting loose outside and becoming a real man
But back at home when the street lights go on again
Sucked out and happy to go to bed
No one can take away those memories, my dear friend
The first goal for our team – I still remember it
Went there to have some fun, got right in the middle of it
The first time at night in the teen party scene
Secretly smoked ‘cause we thought it was really keen
Even if none of our parents were rich
That time then was somehow much easier as such
Today where some of us already have kids of our own
I sometimes see you with a stroller in tow
I had a really nice time; no, it was the best time
And I write these words down for that time
When I write these lines, I remember that
I am Peter Pan ‘cause I will always remain a child
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Comentários do autor:

Line 13: Aufreißer = this is a man who will screw as many women as possible.
¹ Line 8: offenen Kuhstall = your pants zipper is open
² Jandarme – Coming from the French word „Gendarm“ which means cops.
If there is any part which isn't understood, please ask!

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