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The colours are disappearing, the sky is disappearing,
from the darkness someone is coming
in silver clothes accompanied by lights
they bring the news that you're gone.
On a piece of paper is her farewell
stamp of Venus and inside goodbye (?)
where has my pride gone
my effort my bravery
what's the reason you vanish away from here.
I know I was platinum, but you wanted kitsch
I was an angel, but for you a devil
I was the king of the entire world
but your home is on Venus and I don't know how to get there
(and I don't know).
Her scent remains, a silhouette in a frame
torn up songs and sound
in an empty desert I'm still waiting for them
the fear remains that they'll never come again.
Now I'm drawing the words for her in sand
hoping for a reflection to Venus
I'd give anything to find out why and how
I'd give anything to show what I can.
And it's evening agains
again there is a planet above me
I'm losing all my strength
I'm becoming blind
voices and visions in my head, all is collapsing
all is bending, but I must not
but I know, that I can
and I know, that I can...
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