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Since you are leaving on a trip

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[Jacques] Well, he thanks her for coming to the station with him.
[Françoise] Are you talking seriously or are you mocking me ?
[Jacques] No he's not mocking her, look at what she brought me
Newspapers, cigars, all of that
[Françoise] Ah, I lack originality for sure.
Do you know we will be apart for the first time ?
[Jacques] Yes but well it's not so long, and
He only leaves for a fortnight.
[Françoise] Wait a second, am I to understand that
You will spend those dreadful fourteen days without counting every hour...?
Since you are leaving on a trip
[Jacques] Since we are leaving each other tonight
My heart will learn a lesson
[Françoise] I want to smile bravely.
You have set down your luggage forward-facing on the aisle side.
[Jacques] And for the customary gestures
I have prepared my big handkerchief. In one moment, the train will go.
[Françoise] I will stay alone on the platform, and you shall see me in the station
[Jacques] Bid farewell to me, there with your bouquet.
[Françoise] Promise me you will behave
That you will think of me every day
[Jacques] And return to our cage, to better await my return
[Françoise] Well here we are, you have a very quiet seat
Without a neighbor, without facing anyone, nobody to disturb you.
[Jacques] He hopes that at least it is a non-smoking carriage.
[Françoise] Come on, you are incorrigible ! And here I thought
That some isolation might help you relax...
[Jacques] Not a chance ! Ah lala !
[Françoise] Since you are leaving on a trip
[Jacques] You have promised me, my darling
[Françoise] To write you fourteen pages
[Jacques] Every morning, or more. For me to see your face
[Françoise] Lower the window, please !
[Jacques] It's awful, I lose all courage !
[Françoise] And I so hate Paris.
[Jacques] The conductor shouts "All aboard!", the bastard, he knows very well
[Françoise] That I must stay, but I swear
That if he shouts it once more, I'm coming.
[Jacques & Françoise] I have my love as sole luggage
And all the rest ? We don't care.
[Françoise] Since you are leaving on a trip
[Jacques & Françoise] My darling, I'm leaving with you !
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Puisque vous partez en voyage

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