Пыль (Pyl') ( Tradução para Inglês)

  • Artista: Akvarium (Аквариум)
  • Música: Пыль (Pyl') Álbum: Песни нелюбимых (Pesni nelyubimykh)
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Has come, here and now
In my land it's autumn
I can't raise an eye
For some to smoke incense
For others to inhale black smoke
Time to burn money
Time to die young
Time to lie while gazing into someone's eyes
Time of the unneeded ones under the knife
You can't catch up to us
You can't bring us back
November, teach me
To see light in total darkness
Teach me your excuses
Which don't exist
Teach me how to repay you
For a happy true story
I have nothing to say to you
I am no one
My name is dust
You don't know me
My name is dust
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Пыль (Pyl')

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