Músicas de Qkumba Zoo

Lumekuninganna    Quarta-feira, 03/11/2010 - 01:54

One of my all-time favorite bands. Although Tziki is no longer with us, I felt she deserved to represent Qkumba with Owl and Levannah. The trio was together for their first album (Big in SA; Wake Up & Dream outside of SA). Afterwards, Owl and Levannah became QZoo and released Butterfly Peepl. Although the name was shortened, I'm posting all the lyrics here, because they're using their original name again.

Their music is hard to define by genre, but results in something brilliant nonetheless. It's given me a lot of inspiration over the years. I was also able to correspond with Owl, which was awesome because he's very nice, except I still suffer from that syndrome some people get when they speak with celebrities [or someone they are a fan of, etc] and freeze up whilst squealing with joy at the same time and wondering how foolish I sound on the internet, thanking God that I am not meeting him in person (but at the same time, wishing I could).

I have a fansite here. I'm not posting this just to plug my site, but maybe to get people interested in QZoo's music, etc.

Before I quit rambling on about things nobody will ever read, I wanted to note that there are words in the songs that are not in English. In fact, they're not in any real language - it's Levannah's own language that comes out when singing. So don't be asking for translations!