Jelena Karleuša - Radim na bol ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

I'm working on my pain

I know I shouldn't be here tonight
it's a bad habit, like bad alcohol
it always hits the women inside of me
like before, I'm working on my pain again
I shouldn't even look at you
after all which happened with you
but when I see you
I let go and I don't think
and again I'm working on my pain, like before
I've broken up with you a 100 times
and I couldn't persevere it a 100 times
in this love vacant of love
I'd like to be with you forever
There's no more illusions
and there's no more agony
your heart belongs to another woman
but up until the end I'll just be your
sex after our break-up
I convince myself that I'm above it
but then I stoop to the lowest level
and I cry, every tear looks like a waterfall
I'm just working on my pain, like before
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Radim na bol

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