Rakkauslaulu ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Love Song

Long ago in me
there was a feeling about you
What I didn't know back then
I know now and I recognize
You were too big danger* to get around
and far too tempting to pass
I didn't know how everything could
be so burning
Two so glowing
and beautiful can
shine so bright
I wish that days of the sun upon us
will never end
Long ago somehow
without knowing I felt
that in a grey of night
you will run into me without fear
If I stand alone in the dark sometimes
and the flame is dead and cold
I don't know if anyone else
could light it again
I don't hold on, I don't push you away
without asking you want to stay
It didn't rain today after all
even though the sky has been heavy for long
chorus x2
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*vaara also means a ridge.

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AinikkiAinikki    Quarta-feira, 30/12/2015 - 21:31

Vaara is also translated to hill. I would definately add this in the translation: "You were a hill/danger too big to go around"