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Rock star

My life is not a movie, and if I show it, it will never stop
Sons of dogs behind me, of course to cut my way
I started from scratch and I'm now at the top
I know my enemies are many and trying to kill me like Tupac
Press the gun button, die nigger
If I do not go out today, I will go out tomorrow, God willing
To go away away from this world
Away from my bad memories, because I love my mother
Read our eyes and you will know our story
Life like dogs, a difficult experience
My head won't fall, I'm Gaddafi, I'm Saddam
Traitors who spit on food do not eat at my table
She wants to carry my name
(Intended to marry him)
She likes to wear croco clothes, she took me to Tory Lanez
So I will stay alone, my beautiful
I will live my life as a rock star, so remember my name very well
Pressing shoulders like Piccolo, Satan has a small heart
Let me go to the Island of Heaven Humans hurt me
They hate us and even wish for our death
Tell them we are not interested, we are only afraid of God
You say to me, Do you think that I am afraid of you?، Tell me who the coward is ?
Like the police come in the morning and wake me up from my bed
When I succeed, they are jealous, it is normal
I am a bad person, she told me I would do more than Kaniri
I come from the mountains, I am an authentic Algerian
And you all
I will come to your city and you will welcome me as a rock star
I don't need your money
But I will come with money and get away
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