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I am older than you,
But you have the desire , to look at me
The first journey
I bend my neck under your kisses
You gently push my closed
And you told me, somehow:” I want to love you.”
And, in the void that I step
A little broken,
Without seeing, knowing, listening to anything
You said : ”I want”
With enthusiasm
You lay down
In the quicksands
Of doomed loves
Our seasons are no longer the same
You are spring
I am winter
And season of our “ I love yous”
Can take us to hell
I am older than you
But I have the pleasure of looking at you
We take the journey
In a reborn
You gently push
My door
I have all the stars in escort
To travel
And it’s a gift
To wait for you, to dream of you
And it’s a gift
For donating
All your summers
And it’s a gift.
The day rises
To settle down
In the mornings
Of a new world
Our seasons are the same
You are the spring of my winters
And the season of our “I love you”
It’s the season of hells.
One day, tomorrow, I will leave
Without saying a thing, without any explanation
Tomorrow, tomorrow
But before going farther
Our life is carried away adrift
Before anything, let’s forget
And share this very moment
Your life, my life
Before the thunderstorm
Where everything is blown apart
So as to melt, to meld,
In making love,
Let’s gently close our door
Let’s close our door gently
And, hidden,
We will have the sky in escort
To dream
And without a memory, without knowing a thing
But to live
Just this very moment
And live it
In the quick sands of our doomed
The seasons,
What can they do?
We are going to love each other
I am older than you
But I have the pleasure of looking at you
We take the journey
In a reborn
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The translation is done by Bahareh Tajfirouz.Please ask for permission if you would like to use or reprint it.

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Sables mouvants

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