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Letras de Ad Astra

  • Artista: Sakis Tolis (Σάκης Τόλης, Necromayhem)
  • Álbum: Among the Fires of Hell (2022)
  • Traduções disponíveis: Grego

Ad Astra

Take me my sadness,
To the stars
To endless darkness
Show me the path
Let me touch the infinity
Let me dream a while
Let me fly back,
Let me ride
To my darkened world,
Far in the sky
Moonlight drowns out
The brightest of stars
We are all there,
We are made of stars
Take my hand and travel me
Let me fly away
Let me see the Sun
Let me pray
Let me touch the holy sand
Show me the way
Take me my sadness
To the stars
Only in darkness
You see the stars
To be a star, you must shine your own light,
follow your path, and don't worry about the darkness;
for that is where the stars shine brightest
Always do what you are afraid to do,
always do what you are scared to do
And remember, every man and every woman is a star
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