save your breath

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Meanings of "save your breath"


stop wasting time in futile talk; be quiet

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не тратить слов понапрасну.

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Користи се да се некоме каже да не губи своје време на бескорисно даље објашњавање или уопште говор.

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boşuna çeneni yorma

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"save your breath" em letras

Hercules (OST) - I'll Never Admit It

No no never, I'll never admit it, no no
Even if you're lying, you're smiling because you love him
Save your breath, I'm not in love
Read our lips, open up your heart because you love him

Slipknot - Snuff

But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight

So save your breath, I will not care
I think I made it very clear

Kontra K - Or not

We know the fire, the embers and ashes
And the flames on our skin are only keeping us warm now
Save your breath and get by
Get by

Ruel - Don't Tell Me

[Verse 1]
Save your breath, my brother, it's not going in
I'm not your disciple, I choose how I sin

Shawn Mendes - Satisfied

Blame it on the alcohol
Now you can save your breath
Oh, you can save your breath

Kim Petras - Do Me

Baby, be my QB while I’m throwing it back
Swear you’re no good for me, that’s a fact
Don’t need to talk about it, save your breath

Cheech & Chong - Save the Whales

And if you don’t like it when I say kill the seals then,
Save your breath
oh, save your breath

Cher - Strong Enough

There's no more to say
So save your breath
And then walk away


Iced out watches for the gang, Patek the set
Had to move up off my block, it took finesse, yeah
Just keep droppin' them bombs, you should probably save your breath, yeah
We ain't gone play the steel, why you tryna funk the flex, yeah

Tamer Ashour - Teslam

a palyer and acting like your strong what have been said why is't changing

thank you save your breath like these word are for me

Emma Blackery - Cute Without You

Eh, eh, eh

Stop, you can save your breath
Telling me you care about me, I don't wanna hear it

Pink - Sober

The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth
Please don't tell me that we had that conversation
When I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?

99 Posse - What [you are]

silent laughters
Choose the moment not to talk
Save your breath and let yourself get understood
I know I'd like to know you<fn>this is really hard to translate because "sapere" means "to have knowledge about something, to /know/, like you'd know a language, a science, a fact or something that can be studied/analised. Definitely is not used to say that you know a person and you're familiar with them (for that, we use "conoscere", not "sapere")</fn>

Steel Banglez - Your Lovin'

I’d be rich as fuck and miles from you
Don’t need you to say you’d die for me, die for me
Boy, save your breath
'Cause all this time you ain’t had time for me, time for me

Amber Liu - Lost At Sea

‘Cause there’s no
need to tell me I know it
Save your breath I owe it
to you every time I don’t show it

Diabolic - Frontlines

Hot-headed like the Ghost Rider behind a slow driver
Sole-survivor flowing lava second nature
So don’t test, it’s best to save your breath like respirators
I’ll throw a punch at your ribs that gives your lungs asthma

Pink Martini - And Then You're Gone

Now here you are outside my door
You want back in just like before
Well, save your breath, don't make me yawn
You've had your chance now just be gone…

Luhan - Deep (海底)

Baby are you ready for me
Just save your breath and take it easy

Blink-182 - Bored To Death

And we'll go over and over and over

Save your breath, I'm nearly
Bored to death and fading fast

Bring Me the Horizon - Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake

(Go to hell for heaven's sake)

No one wants to hear you (Save your breath)
No one wants to see you