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Be My Light

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The sky shows her red dress
sight the clouds above me
conduct my light on the horizon
On the way back to you
The morning lifts his lights Country
Any way brings you to me
prank sail for home country
in mind already with you
Be my light and my view
shows me where I am the
Be my word and my heart
That tells me who I am
All the fears of those days
and the desires of the time
for me Have you shared
Am I too high flown
Have you granted me the dream
After each case, I was never alone
Have you given up on me
I am out at any time
My light on the horizon
My Home convoy
Was the doubts still so great
to survive any battle
you have lifted me
to move on in order
Be my light that shows me where I am,
And my heart tells me who I am
Be my light and my eyes to show me where I'm
Be my word and my heart that tells me who I am
Be my light and my eyes to show me where I'm
Be my word, and my heart, which tell me who I am
Be my Light
Be my word
Be my light
I stretch my soul
put me in your arm
refuge here is only
remote in the world
And the lights country
home is only with you
Be my light
Be my light
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Sei mein Licht

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It is not a good translation,
but it isn't THAT bad either.
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