Sen ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês


What a nights, what a days I've seen
I've turned away from the most sacred vows
I haven't seen and haven't loved anyone like you
Now I'm very lonely, I forgot joy
You came too late
You're like a love rain
Pour from my eyes
You, in the insane poets'
Poem lines
You're a fairy they're talking about
While in front of the windows wither
The flowers left after you
Your image is still haunting me
I'm still crying
While in front of the windows
The image of those beautiful years is withering
It's before my eyes
I'm crying for us
When the sun will rise, I'll be in another town
Every person has a story like that
Well, me too...
This morning, look out of the window
I left you this huge city
From the morning in another town, in another language
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