Sevillana ( Tradução para Inglês)



À Seville, belles señoras,
on brave les frimas.
À Seville, belles señoras,
la fleur naît sous vos pas!
Et dans l'air, un doux écho murmure
charmant, les nuits, les jours;
on dirait qu'avec la brise pure
bruissent des ailes d'amours!
Ô belles señoras,
connaissez-vous Seville?
Les fleurs vont, sur vos pas,
de parfums embaumer la mantille;
d'azur, d'or est le jour...
El te soir, lorsque l'étoile brille,
l'on entends chanter l'amour!
Ah! Pourquoi rêver?
Pourquoi, loin de nos fêtes, soupirer?
Ah! Loin te nos fêtes... Ah!
Olé! Mes belles señoras!
L'amour vous dit «aimez, enfants!
Votre âme espère, à vous, les chants...
Aimez, enfants, ainsi;
l'amour, dans l'ombre errant,
murmure comme un flot mourant...
Un flot mourant...»
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This exceptionally beautiful aria (as always, performed gloriously by the great among the greatest divas that is Sumi Jo), comes from the opera "Don César de Bazan by exceptional French composer Jules Massenet (Saint-Étienne, 12 May 1842 – Paris, 13 August 1912).
Based on Victor Hugo's Spanish-themed play "Ruy Blas" , it was first performed at the Opéra-Comique in Paris, on November the 30th, 1872.

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Tradução para Inglês


In Seville, my beautiful señoras,
They brave the wintry weather.
In Seville, my beautiful señoras,
Blossoms are born as you walk by!
And in the air, a soft echo whispers
Charming, both night and day;
One would say that, in the clear breeze,
There's the sound of Love's wings!
Oh, my beautiful señoras,
Do you know Seville at all?
Blossoms want to, as you walk by,
Soak your mantillas with their scents;
Blue and gold is the day...
And in the evening, as long as the Star keeps shining,
One can hear how love sings!
Ah! Why dream?
Why, far away from our celebrations, should we sigh?
Ah! Far away from our celebrations... Ah!
Olé! My beautiful señoras!
Love tells you: "Love, my children!
Your souls long for your own songs...
Love, my children, thus;
Love, in the stray shadows,
Whispers like a fading swell...
Like a fading swell...".
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