Frei.Wild - Sie hat Dir nen Arschtritt gegeben ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

She's given you an *sskick

She rubs salt into your wounds
They story was not fabricated by someone else
Tears run down your cheeks
And your ego drowns in them
You were in love, you believed in the future
Even though you yourself sometimes stood in your own way
There'll remain traces of this *sskick
And not only for a short time, but your whole life
Meaningless words, nothing but lies full of filth
Today in love, tomorrow gone without a reason
A personality that can't be taken seriously
Already doomed today
Mine, your future, mine with your boyfriend
Admitted some mistakes
Then you'll leave him right away like you left me
You can't really be proud of yourself
The time with her, it was great
You remember it once again
You can see her face clearly
It was beautiful
But her inside was different
Uncertainty radiates from her
You wish her lots of luck, wish her a beautiful life
For you it went wrong, she's given you an *sskick
Someday the mourning was over
You feel the Spring, you feel free again
You admit your mistakes
Even you cannot be without guilt all the time
It was your ego tormenting you
Mixed with love it resulted in your tears
Injured pride, jealousy and grief
Welcome to the wailing wall
Gave you an *sskick
Gave you an *sskick
How often did you forgive it
It came back, the just life
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Sie hat Dir nen Arschtritt gegeben

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