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Go on without me

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Forgive me
my big error of wanting to stop you
but I suffer when I see you
I know that thappy you are not.
Forget me and without rancor
I wish that God blesses you
That love and luck follow you
whatever you are.
Go on without me
since my world is not that beautiful
you already see it
it's not your fault that all turns out wrong for me *
of fighting without attaining, now yes
my feet are exhausted.
Go on without me
from here I will pray for you to do better in life
already you suffered with me, now you only deserve love
in the meantime I here
will cry my error.
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* I simplify the line. The expressions for " al revés" (up side down/backwards... ) plus "everything", made the line too long.


Sigue Sin Mí

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