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Tradução para Inglês

You can't leave !

All that time i used to give you,
you dont have it
anymore, because enough is enough
i am sick of waiting for you
to make a step
i dont know, you always leave
you make me feel so good
and i find it hard to resist you
i dont want to let you get away
coz you work me up, now i know how to behave with you
I'm coming slowly
why did you stop?
i come and push you intentionally
and you aplologise
from the sounds of it
you have doubts
let loose a little lets turn back
we arent stopping, we arent stopping
i dont wanna stop untill we exceed what is called normal
you cant go you cant go
you cant go i wont let you go
you cant go , thers no place for you to go
you cant go and thats it!
this time you dont have a say in this
this night i want to take you higher
since the first time i saw you i felt a special thing
this time im not going to let anything up to you
i wanna be in control of everything
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Ski me ik

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