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For The Last Time

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How are you,how did it go?
Did you get used to as well?
Are you alright in İstanbul now ?
You've got married,how come?
Were you able to find it finally?
The peace you've been telling me always.
I am good.
It's same things always.
The sleeping pills.
The smiles out of lies.
I am good.
You know me anyway
Whatever i do or say,
There's always a feeling of lateness
If i only can see you for the last time
If i only get lost on your face
If i only can be defeated to you for the last time
Even if u dont understand.
If you only will be mine for the last time
If only I could wake up, next to you
Believe me there's nothing new.
I got a little old of course.
My hair got thin a little.
You left an endless night behind you,
And you mark down three dots...
I didn't show much but i get deserted.
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