Letras de Americans vs Aussies: Rap Battle


Americans vs Aussies: Rap Battle

Yo, I heard y'all have a hip hop scene Down Under.
Yeah, it's alright, we do.
Psst, you guys can't rap.
What? Yes we can. You can't diet. You're fat.
This is one-hundred percent American all natural muscle.
A hundred percent America steroids.
You're a cheater, just like Lance.
Yo, don't talk about Lance like that, man.
Don't talk about Lance like that.
Woah, do you want to battle?
Let's battle.
Alright, let's battle.
Let's battle.
You're finished.
The motherland of hip hop
You be the first to run when shit drop
The original gangsters, we be true
You can't win because fakes always lose
Home to Biggie and Tupac, the masters of rap
Y'all cats rap like you got no ball sack
That's right, I be ripping your shit, uh
Everything you spit sounds like you sucking a dick
Tell me one Aussie rapper that be hitting it big
Or one Aussie rapper spitting shit like Eminem did
Step up fool and prepare to get clapped
Because we're the past, present and the future of rap
I be rapping attacking you with every line that I write
I'm winning on the mike like I'm winning in fights
You haven't even been real since Tupac died
Australian rappers' only ones keeping hip hop alive
What you got? Lil Wayne, Akon and T.I.
360, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso, alright
If you're so gangster that you make people shiver
Then why did Ludacris do a song with Justin Bieber?
You're packing and wrapping up rap songs so you can sell them
And your rappers are lacking and fake shit is what you tell them
Hip hop is only real when people feel it
Yeah, you created it but then you killed it
Like, right, fight and mic
No matter what you say, it always seems to rhyme with like
Never even heard of your so-called rappers
But I bet they actin' real bad with their tough Aussie accents
You phonies are faggots, tough? bitch please
That's why our president be getting your leader on her knees
Squeaky little voice and a nice pink shirt
Step any closer and I'll start to think you're trying to flirt
Your country is nothing but America's bitch
So, no matter what you say, you're technically sucking my dick
You're spitting all these words but you ain't saying shit
You're like a man who claims he's the devil but can't sin
You've already mentioned twice me sucking your dick
Now, that's two times that you've said gay shit
Our country's not a bitch, it's the land of the free
Your whole nation couldn't even survive the GFC
Acting tough with your guns but we're tough in the heart
Your mouth is just a bum so when you're rapping, you fart
All you talk about is bitches, hoes, money and cars
But the only thing you're doing is shitting on lard
How does it feel to have an image that's based on a lie?
You're like a rich, fat kid who paid his way out of a fight
You're not as tough as us, even if you tried
Like Kelly said, such is life: Aussie pride
So, uh, how're you getting home?
I don't know, man.
It's a bit late. You can crash at mine if you want.
Well, whatever.
But I've only got water, alright.
Don't push it. You're an embarrassment. You're an embarrassment.
Why do you sound like Vin Diesel now? Why?
  • Down Under:

    Australia, the Land Down Under, the Great Southern Land ( the nicknames mentioned are derived from the fact that before Matthew Flinders, the British used the term Terra Australis or Terra Australis Icognito (the unknown southern land) as Australia is south of Britain.

  • You can't diet. You're fat:

    The United States has quite a high obesity rate, especially compared to Australia.

  • ball sack:

    A ballsack is a pair of testicles (balls).

  • Lil Wayne, Akon and T.I:

    American rappers

  • 360, Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso,:

    Aussie rappers

  • faggots:

    The term faggot is generally a vulgar slur for a gay man, but in this context it is unrelated to homosexuality and instead to refer to weakness.

  • bitch please:

    Bitch Please is a 1999 single by Snoop Dogg. The song Bitch Please II by Eminem is a spin-off of the Snoop Dogg song, Bitch Please II was released as part of the album Marshall Mathers LP.

  • That's why our president be getting your ...:

    The first and only ever female prime minister of Australia was Julia Gillard, who was only prime minister for one year (2014), despite a full term being roughly 3.5 years long (a PM can be elected for 3 terms, as John Howard was). As of 2021, Scott Morrison is the prime minister and is the preferred prime minister among Australian adults when compared to Anthony Albanese.

  • Squeaky little voice and a nice pink shirt Step ...:

    Possibly a reference to male homosexuality.

  • gay shit:

    The term gay generally refers to homosexuality or a homosexual (either a gay man or a lesbian), but in this context (i.e gay shit) refers to something nonsense (or bullshit).

  • Acting tough with your guns:

    After the Port Arthur shooting in Tasmania, then-Prime Minister John Howard banned unlicensed firearms (guns). Australia and New Zealand became some of the first countries in the world to introduce such gun control laws, which have been praised by many world leaders, including Barack Obama. No such gun control laws have ever existed in the US and mass shootings are common there.

  • Your mouth is just a bum so when you're ...:

    The word bum is the non-North American equivalent to the word butt in North America. Therefore, if words were from the anus, they would be farts.

  • All you talk about is bitches, hoes, money and ...:

    A lot of American rappers from the 2010s and the 2020s talk about these sorts of things (women, money, drugs and sex).

  • shitting on lard:

    Another fat reference.

  • You can crash at mine:

    The term crash in this context is a more American term referring to staying at someone's house.

  • But I've only got water:

    Here he is implying that he currently has no alcohol at his house.

  • like Eminem did:

    In the late 90s and the early 2000s, Eminem was a very a successful and popular artist, releasing hits like My Name Is (1998), Real Slim Shady (1999), Stan (2000) and Lose Yourself (2002).

  • rich, fat kid:

    Australians often criticise/joke about Americans for being rich and overweight.

  • Kelly:

    Ned Kelly was an (in)famous Australian bushranger.

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