Ceca - Sve sto imam i nemam ja ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

All I have and I don't have

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You're cheating, you're forgetting about us,
But you should know that two dark eyes,
Are looking at the two of you.
Between you and her,
Even when you're alone,
Something of mine is there.
Hands to push you aside
Lips to bite you!
My love,so where is my sweat?*
I hope you die on top of it!
You're sinful, but it's my sin,
My love, this night will pass as well.
Forever you will remain
Everything I have and don't have.
You're cheating, you're forgetting about us
But that silence
Will be broken by my voice.
Well, lie to yourself, lie to her
But something of mine is
There with the two of you tonight as well
Why should I throw everything away now,
All the years of effort and miracles,
Fires which I woke up at night,
The peace which I bought with my tears,
I grind my teeth, change my mind,
That in fact I have a heart, I forget it sometimes,
That I have a heart
*everything I put into our relationship
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Sve sto imam i nemam ja