Священная Война (Svyashennaya Voina) ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Sacred War

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Arise, enormous country,
Arise for deadly fight
Against dark Fashist force,
Against than darn horde!
Let the noble anger
Blazing, like a wave, -
This is the war of nation,
This is a Sacred War!
Just like contary polars,
We're utterly hostile:
We fight for light and peace,
They fight for world of dark.
Let's push back all the stranglers
Of all fervent ideas,
All the rapists, robbers,
Torturers of men!
Your black wings won't dare
To fly over our Motherland,
Don't you dare to step on
Its wide fields!
Rotten Fashist scum
Will get a bullet in forehead
Waste of a mankind
Will get a solid coffin!
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Священная Война (Svyashennaya Voina)