Священная Война (Svyashennaya Voina) ( Tradução para Inglês)

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Svyashennaya Voina (Священная Война) (Nemetskaya Versiya)

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Stand up, stand up you giant country
Get out to the great battle!
Withstood the hordes of Nazis,
Death to the facist power.
Fury and the dark flood
May descend upon them
This is supposed to be the war of the people,
The war of mankind!
We defy the slayers
The murderers of ideas
The tormentors and raiders
They must perish.
The black wing may not shadow us
Over the homeland anymore
And the enemy may not trample
Our fields and meadows and beaches anymore
We make sure, that the breed's
Last hour strikes.
Once and for all putting a stop
To the hangmen's activities
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Weird song

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Священная Война (Svyashennaya Voina)

GuestGuest    Sábado, 22/09/2012 - 09:53

That's what I call a free translation. Looks more like an adaptation meant to be sung in English, except the lenght of the lines would make that difficult.

Some sentences, especially in the last verse, have very little in common with what the Russian says.

ValantValant    Sábado, 22/09/2012 - 15:48

Hey kuroi neko! If I recall rightly (it's a few months ago...), the lyrics were in German, when I translated them. Well, I guess, except the title, so I just copied it (something I usually don't do). This is probably true, since I don't speak a single word Russian. Wink smile I guess, I saw the request, saw that the lyrics were in German and so went on translating it. Well, in the meantime the lyrics were appearantly changed to the correct Russian ones, but my translation of the German translation of this song remained. Anyway, since this result seems to be quite bad, according to you, I'm probably going to remove my translation. Of course, it would be awesome if you could provide a correct English translation of it instead! If you think some corrections would be enough, tell me and I will edit the lyrics.

GuestGuest    Sábado, 22/09/2012 - 18:37

Well I already did provide a translation, listed under a different artist.
Whatever the quality of your work, an indirect translation is bound to stray from the original. As long as people know it was taken from a German version, I see no reason why it should be removed.